Ballinger Lake Washington

    Lake Ballinger is a freshwater lake with a surface area of 103 acres in southern Snohomish County, Washington. It is bordered by the cities of Mountlake Terrace to the east and Edmonds to the west. It is fed by Hall Creek at its north end and its outflow is McAleer Creek at its east end, going on to feed Lake Washington.
    • Address: 23000 Lakeview Dr, Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043
    • Length: 0.60 miles
    • Width: 0.40 miles
    • Depth: 35 feet 0 inches
    • Mean depth: 15 feet 0 inches
    • Surface area: 4,486,680 sq feet
    • Surface elevation: 292 feet
    Data from: Wikipedia