Still Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan is one of the five Great Lakes of North America. It is the second-largest of the Great Lakes by volume and the third-largest by surface … See more


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Jan 17, 2023
Me and my wife recently visited Chicago to run the Marathon. Over our trip we had a few days spare and decided to roam around the City to take in some of the sites. You can't come to Chicago and mi… Full review by Neil O
Jun 12, 2022
Without the lake, Chicago wouldn't have the appeal it does. The lake provides both a scenic and unique border to the city and allows for attractions otherwise not found in cities not on the water. … Full review by psudino
Sep 20, 2020
Over the years, my wife and I have experienced some of the most spectacular and beautiful sights in the Pebble Beach and Carmel Bay in California, New York harbor and the Statue of Liber… Full review by Taylor B

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