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Dr. Stephen is a pediatric dentist with a fun, friendly approach and a gentle touch. Voted a Top Pediatric Dentist in Connecticut, Dr. Stephen has … See more

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Mar 10, 2024
We recently joined The Smile Spot family for our child's dental needs. What a blessing its been! Being a parent with a child on the spectrum, its so hard to find care providers that "just get it", an… Full review by Melissa Fredericks
Nov 8, 2023
I absolutely would recommend The Smile Spot to everyone! They are hands down the best pediatric dentist in Connecticut. I PROMISE you they are worth the ride if you’re not local. Every single person … Full review by Cassie Weik

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My tooth doesn’t hurt, so why do I need a filling?
Cavities aren’t always painful. They form when tooth enamel is eroded away until a hole forms. As the hole gets deeper, it can reach the dentin and...
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