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Best price and easy to understand and well detailed informationRead full review


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I booked a flight online with Traveloticy : I booked a flight online with Travelocity from Calgary to Pittsburgh through JFK on WestJet/Delta. ThisRead full review


Selected Review of 202 Reviews

The pricing was great until I ended up being charged almost 3 times ADDITIONAL by the rental car company. The part that is awful it Travelocity just kindaRead full review


Selected Review of 22 Reviews

The story: my flight was rescheduled for another dayI tried to call to cancel my car reservation; I still will be flying, just no car.The TRAVELOCITYRead full review


Selected Review of 11 Reviews

I think that writing bad reviews for places is a waste of time because it is just a matter of not using their services again and just forgetting about the badRead full review