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Can cancer be avoided? Not always, but about 4 in 10 cases — and approximately 50% of cancer deaths — in the United States can be attributed predominantly to lifestyle factors you can change,
From north Wales to Cáceres, Spain, the Game of Thrones prequel filmed many of its biggest scenes on location. Here's how to visit. The world of House of the Dragon, the Game of Thrones prequel about the Targaryens, may be fictional, but many of the scenes were shot on location in Wales, England, Spain, and Portugal. The show, based on Fire & Blood by George R. R. Martin and set two centuries before Game of Thrones, details a civil war within the House of Targaryen over who should inherit the Iron Throne. Season two, which is currently airing, sees the return of Olivia Cooke as Alicent Hightower, Emma D’Arcy as Rhaenyra Targaryen, and Matt Smith as Daemon Targaryen, along with other key cast members from season one. The second season filmed during 2023, and it wrapped, the producers wrote, "To the stellar crew of HOTD S2: Thank you for taking this wild journey with us, from the fiery sets of Leavesden Studios to the rain-soaked Welsh mountains and beyond. We are so proud of what we’ve made together and so grateful for all your hard work." Here, a guide to 12 House of the Dragon filming locations you can visit:
BUTTE COUNTY – A local bar is serving up more than drinks during the Thompson Fire.Nancy Christensen has been living inside her motorhome with her dogs and cats right outside Miners Ranch Saloon near
The stranding of more than 140 dolphins off Cape Cod last month has been confirmed as the largest mass stranding of the mammals in United States history, animal rescuers say. A final review of data
We've been through most of the big holidays for this year already. After the Fourth of July, we're kind of tuckered out, right? It's time to sit inside in the air conditioning and do some online
Seneca Park Zoo in Rochester, New York, is celebrating the birth of an endangered red panda cub, the zoo said in a July 8 news release. The cub’s mom, Raji, gave birth to the little one June 27. And
The Isle of Wight — a small island off the southern coast of England — is known for its sandy beaches and towering white cliffs. The tourist destination attracts those seeking an escape from the
NORCROSS, Ga. (Atlanta News First) - A break from school can mean a break from valuable resources for some students - like free meals and even school-provided period products.“Even during the school
An “uninvited guest” crashed Colorado’s Ren Fest — and refused to leave without its favorite sweet treat, photos show. The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office posted photos of the sticky situation to
Every wardrobe needs a set of reliable basics. Whether that means a variety of different tops to rotate out or shorts you absolutely love slipping into, there's a set of must-have essentials that
Fact checked by Nick BlackmerFact checked by Nick Blackmer New research found a link between routinely eating small fish such as sardines and young sweetfish and a lower risk of death among Japanese
When it comes to the animal kingdom, the number of creatures whose names begin with the letter "A" is truly remarkable. In fact, you may be surprised to find out that there are hundreds out there,
NARROWS, Va. (AP) — One very lucky dog is recovering at a shelter after a group of cavers said their excursion into a western Virginia cave over the weekend turned into a rescue mission when they
WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — D.C. Fire and EMS rescued a child from a locked vehicle that was Friday afternoon, but it quickly turned into more than just a rescue. In a post on the X platform, D.C.
A new solar plant, right outside of Palo in Linn county, is on track to be completed by the end of 2024. Once its up and running, the goal is to provide renewable and reliable energy to the community
When it comes to romance, there are many well-known tropes and clichés, but one that has proven time to time to give some of the best love stories, it's the famous enemies to lovers or rivals to
A dog was a father figure to puppies at a shelter — but needed a home of his own. Then after more than 200 days of waiting, the North Carolina shelter said Chance the dog was adopted. “There wasn’t a
Nurse Claire Cerbie saved a fellow passenger's life when he had a heart attack as they waited to board a flightA quick-thinking nurse recognized the signs of a heart attack and jumped into action to
Last week, days after word leaked that Jayson Tatum had agreed to an NBA-record five-year, $315 million extension and a few more days before the Boston Celtics made it official, Tatum gathered a
Scientists have given a startling reason for why “California’s angriest otter” has been so angry – and why she has now mellowed out.The notorious sea otter 841, known for terrorising surfers off the

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