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We recently reported on heavy sandwiches — those big enough to make a meal or more . But their diametric opposites are the lighter sandwiches of summer, sometimes small enough to be eaten in
In 2019, researchers announced the discovery of an unusually resilient person — a Colombian woman who carried a ticking time bomb in her genes that should have triggered an aggressive, early form of
Someone became trapped in a grain silo in Pennsylvania on Friday morning — and was freed with the help of emergency crews from Maryland. The call to a report of
A giant tipping potato bucket called Tippin’ Tater that contains 750 gallons of water. A grumpy ram lifeguard keeping an eye on everyone. Two baby bears sliding down a log. Blue birds on a diving
A study that developed biological age clocks to predict a person's age, which may differ from chronological age, showed that a reduced-calorie diet among the trial participants caused a major
PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - Favorite photos scattered around the home show the Deniker family is always thinking of Nikki. Nikki's mom, Karen Deniker said "[She] never ever stopped, called her my energizer
Golden Retrievers never know a stranger. With their sweet and gentle nature, it seems they make friends with everyone that crosses their path. Such is the case with a senior Golden named Santi whose
Find your next signature scent here.
AT&T, Compudopt, and Junior Achievement of Greater Washington joined forces Monday morning to provide a significant boost to students at a southeast D.C. school.A total of 100 refurbished laptops
George Lucas has provided insight into his decision-making and the criticisms he's received for Star Wars, revealing a plethora of interesting things.
For the most part, wild animals have everything covered — the way they find their food, how to build and find shelter, how to stay safe and mark their territory — with zero involvement from humans,
Chimpanzees have been spotted using plants to self-medicate – and could lead their human relatives to new drugs.For many years, scientists have suspected that chimpanzees and other primates could
Some major stars have left Hollywood. Here are the places they chose instead, and their reasons for moving, from more room to breathe to lower taxes.
Englewood Cliffs police saved the life of a stabbing victim on Route 9W by applying a tourniquet, responders said.The 30-year-old victim was rushed via ambulance
When dogs are raised together, they often develop similar behaviors. They may snuggle in the same spots or learn to beg for treats in identical ways. When they are related, we wonder if they
Yes, a spinoff of The Office is coming with a new take on the beloved workplace sitcom, but if it's classic Dunder Mifflin you want, you can't do much better than an absurd quip or confused quote
A New York man allegedly tried to drown his two young children at a Connecticut beach on Saturday — and was only stopped by a group of hero police officers who got to the kids in the water in time.
Shop TODAY independently determines what we cover and recommend. When you buy through our links, we earn a commission. Learn more.Jenna Bush Hager chose Essie Chambers' debut novel "Swift River" for
Having the opportunity to witness a pet's life from the beginning is such a gift — and sometimes, it's easy to forget just how rare that opportunity really is. When most of us are adopting pets, even
When the TV production class at Winslow High School needed to find a student athlete to feature in a documentary about overcoming obstacles, Shaheem Muhammad was an easy choice. Muhammad, 18, was a

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