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May 14 (UPI) -- A curious puppy crawled through a small plumbing access door in her family's home and ended up having to be rescued from inside a wall. The Orange County Fire Authority said on social
Style as a cover-up or with jeans and flats.If you’ve ever ventured out into the summer heat with a tight top on, you know firsthand how sticky clothing can feel against your skin. Not to mention,
Being active may be better than sleeping when it comes to helping the brain flush out toxins, according to scientists.For a long time it has been thought the brain uses sleep to get rid of damaging
Lisa Peterson couldn’t open her beach chair, the first sign something was wrong. Peterson, along with her then 14-year-old daughter, Haylee, and family friends from Rancho Cucamonga, was at Crystal
Witch movies have been all the rage since the dawn of cinema, and audiences have flocked to the theater to receive a chill or thrill from Hollywood's greatest conjurers. Transcending their horror
The world’s oldest man-made wooden structures dating back to the Early Stone Age have been found in Africa – suggesting our ancestors were far more advanced than previously believed.It is the
Border Collies grow up to be hardworking herders. They're responsible for keeping huge groups of animals contained, which often means teamwork with their "colleagues," and a fierce loyalty to the
British twin sisters Georgia and Melissa Laurie were enjoying a hot June day in Mexico on holiday three years ago, swimming in a river in Puerto Escondido, when Melissa spotted a crocodile in the
The "quick-drying" swim bottoms start at just $20The time for endless beach and pool days is almost here. To prepare for the warmest season of the year, make sure you’re all stocked up on beach
A car passenger drove by at exactly the right time to capture a video of a dog towing his owner down the sidewalk on a skateboard.TikTok user @dayearswillgoby started filming from her Lyft when she
READ MORE:  Alzheimer's deadly surge across America laid bareFirst, Dr Donna J Cross saw Alzheimer’s rob her grandmother of her independence, personality, and ultimately her life.Now the disease has
The 2000s gave way to a new age: the internet. Of course, the internet isn’t the only thing that really took hold during that time, but it was one of the things that lasted that (arguably) we’re
SALEM - A Greater Boston starts with making things right. Earlier this month, WBZ first told you about a grandmother in Salem, who was left in the lurch, after a charity took the $11,000 raised in
A Maine Coon called Oliver has captivated millions of viewers on TikTok with his remarkable transformation from a kitten with a surprisingly tiny tail to a magnificent, fluffy-tailed adult.A post
A couples' therapist has revealed the list of 10 telltale signs that you are in a healthy relationship.Jeff Guenther, who is based in Portland, Oregon, has become a viral sensation on TikTok by
When she’s not holding a sign, she’s wearing a sash.Augusta University graduate Alexis Ezeanii is Miss Garden City and a physician-scientist in training.“I hope to work as both a physician, hopefully
The sun emitted another powerful solar flare Tuesday nearly one week after separate flares set in motion a severe solar storm that disrupted some technology and produced some mesmerizing
When you think of Florida, you probably picture its famous, bustling beaches like Miami and Clearwater. But another side to Florida’s coastlines is dotted with lesser-known gems that offer tranquil
Mercy Medical Center and Linn County Public Health have teamed up to provide free mammograms and health screenings to people experiencing homelessness.The partnership also involves Willis Dady

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