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Ahead of the game between the Baltimore Orioles and Minnesota Twins on Tuesday, special guests made an appearance on the broadcaster's pregame show. Two puppies named Analu and Liko from the
Heart-stopping footage captured the moment a Pennsylvania Taco Bell manager sprung into action and saved the life of an 11-month-old baby who had suddenly stopped breathing in the restaurant’s
A game-changing new idea could revolutionize the way we vaccinate against disease, giving you lifelong protection in just one go.
A Girl Scout was honored at Tuesday's Santa Ana City Council meeting for her brave actions in helping save a 15-year-old boy from drowning.Ivy Nguyen was at a pool party when she noticed a boy,
See totality over Ohio, New York and Maine in these time-lapsed views. Cleveland, Ohio: Credit: Salvatore Oriti of NASA Glenn Research Center Tupper Lake, New York: Credit: Seth McGowan of the
Self-portraits are nothing new, but smartphones and tablets make it easier than ever to snap good photos of yourself. Head to these spots for an awesome backdrop.
Salem, the lovely cat, loved getting attention. He peeked his head out when his owner called out his name while sitting atop the ceiling near the bathroom door.
French researchers used a powerful MRI machine to create detailed brain scans of about 20 people.The images are nearly 10 times more detailed than a hospital MRI's scans.The high-resolution images
Dangling from one of the biggest floating cranes on the East Coast, the largest chunk yet of the fallen Francis Scott Key Bridge was moved ashore Sunday. The approximately 450-ton section of truss
The newest baby animal at the Cincinnati Zoo could be named after you. The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden is asking the public's help in naming their newborn bat-eared
Increase your closet or suitcase space in minutes.
Researchers at the University of Toronto have discovered a DNA repair mechanism that advances understanding of how human cells stay healthy, and which could lead to new treatments for cancer and
We all have those things that we automatically think of when we hear Missouri. Gooey butter cake. Caves. The Arch. But what about some of the World’s Largest things – fork? Toilet paper roll? Goose?
A horse surprised commuters after it wandered into a train station in New South Wales, Australia.
Expanding supporting characters like Q and Moneypenny gives depth to the Bond franchise. Films like "Casino Royale" and "Diamonds Are
CHICAGO (CBS) – She's a powerhouse who built a ministry and changed the narrative on a Chicago street corner that was once famous for trouble.Week after week, Sandie Norman heads to the West Side's
Far beyond all the charming, somewhat obvious reasons that dogs are so special—their companionship, loyalty, boundless love—when you really break it down, the list actually seems to be infinite. And
BOSTON - A nonsurgical weight loss procedure may be more effective and less expensive than weight loss drugs like Ozempic.This is a much less invasive procedure than gastric sleeve surgery. It's
Massachusetts is strapped for housing and struggling to find room for thousands of migrants. Elizabeth Nguyen and Oscar Quint have been doing their part to ease the pressure on the state’s shelters
Though he may not be part of DC's Trinity, Green Arrow is still a seminal hero within the DC Universe. On the street level, in various ways, the Emerald Archer represents more urban and down-to

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