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Great sports movies have the power to tell universal stories. Even audiences that have no interest in boxing can enjoy Rocky or Raging Bull, and it doesn’t take a hockey expert to enjoy Slap Shot. In
After a 5-year-old non-verbal autistic boy went missing earlier this year, a group of 60 police and civilians rushed and reunited him with his distraught parents
Keep your eyes on the skies this month for meteors and cold moons. AccuWeather Astronomy Expert Brian Lada speaks on the celestial marvels awaiting us this month.
Editor's note: Some animal shelters may still have restrictions due to illness. Please contact all area shelters before visiting. Bethany Animal Control Shelter: Closed for adoptions due
Nanoplastics have been found in our blood. Now, researchers at Duke University have evidence that these tiny but ubiquitous bits of pollution may potentially be impacting our brains.  The study
After a Macy's security guard was stabbed to death in Center City while trying to thwart an alleged thief, Philadelphia is embracing the family he leaves behind
Imagine a bustling city bus, filled with tired commuters, each lost in their thoughts after a long day. But wait, a delightful interruption is about to occur. Enter Sunny Emilio, the charismatic
These picks from Athleta, Eloquii, and more will have you feeling comfy and supported.Somehow, over the past twenty or so years, leggings have gone from occasional workout wear to an everyday
Fox Valley United Way CEO Deborah Rudel is without question one of the most optimistic people I’ve had the privilege of working with over the years. But when we spoke last week there was an
On Wednesday, December 6, a dog mom shared a very impressive video of her canine companion. In the clip, her pup named Sadie learns to say "I love you" after some coaching from her mom, and it's
Doctors are testing if four lifestyle changes can slow, stop — or even reverse — Alzheimer's disease without using drugs or surgery. Dr. Dean Ornish, who founded the Preventive Medicine Research
When Joseph Novetske finished raking leaves in his backyard a few weeks ago, he suddenly stopped as he was walking back toward his house. “I happened to look at my hand. No ring,” said Novetske,
Something dogs can often struggle with is separation anxiety. It’s understandable – dogs are sociable animals, and don’t like being away from their favorite people for too long. But, sometimes you’ll
Bay Staters are a wonderfully unique bunch of people. Out-of-staters might best recognize us for our regional accents, aggressive driving skills, and unusual word pronunciations. However, we are also
Tails will be wagging this holiday season – the Mercer Veterinary Clinic is putting together warm coats, toys and treats for pets of those experiencing homelessness. The clinic is giving away holiday
EAST HAMPTON, N.Y. -- The nation's first commercial-scale offshore wind project is churning out clean renewable energy as the wind farm off of Montauk is nearing completion.The first of the giant
A dog made the discovery of a lifetime when it discovered an animal believed to be extinct after it wasn't seen for nearly 90 years. The collie had been deployed by the Endangered Wildlife Trust
"No Kid From Santo Will Ever Be A Suit." - David Martinez highlights the limited choices and hopelessness faced by those from poorer areas of Night City.
Adding to the long list of reasons to love dogs, new research reveals their paw-sitive health benefits for the human brain. A study published in the December edition of Preventive Medicine Reports
HAMDEN, Conn. (WTNH) — A Hamden animal shelter is inviting community members to take a dog home with them this holiday break. The non-profit, Where the Love is Rescue, is calling this initiative

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