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Robert Downey Jr. could return as Iron Man in upcoming MCU projects, such as Deadpool & Wolverine, hinging on the multiverse, A.I., time travel, and more.
The calendar on Makoa Perez's phone could likely compete with a CEO's. The calendar tracks everything from prom to a double shift at one of his two jobs and speaking engagements at Kelso High. For
An unusual rescue played out on a Connecticut mountaintop when a suddenly immobile dog had to be carried across “extremely treacherous” terrain, officials say. It was discovered the pet’s paralysis
In small burrows along the sea floor, little crustaceans live together in symbiosis, sharing a home as they hide from predators and lay their eggs. Different species live side by side, “easily
The summer season is a major time for traveling, and people want to get away as smoothly as possible.  While most hope that flights will not be delayed or canceled, this is
Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson and Cook County President Toni Preckwinkle gave a warm welcome to migrants staying at a new shelter at St. Bartholomew Catholic Church. The church, located in
A viral Instagram video is turning heads and proving that bearded dragons might just be the ultimate solution to household pests. The star of the show is Red, a bearded dragon who has been put to
If you're looking for easy ways to drink more water, we've got your essential list of tips that'll help you hit those hydration goals.
Taking a cutting-edge weight-loss drug could help extremely obese patients drop enough pounds to be eligible for bariatric surgery, a new study shows. Patients with extreme obesity -- a BMI of 70 or
A “string of tragedies” led a dog to a North Carolina shelter — and now, she needs another home. Abby the “sweet” pup came to Burlington Animal Services after the sudden loss of her longtime owner.
Because he was born on Christmas Eve, in 1952, Harry Wong never got a birthday party, or any other kind of party, that was just about him. “I felt cheated,” said Wong, who finally had that injustice
Eat your vegetables — your heart health may depend on it.Like fruit, vegetables provide important nutrients to prevent heart disease and may even boost cardiorespiratory fitness — the body’s ability
Researchers have made a “massive step forwards” with the discovery of a major cause of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), as well as finding that existing drugs could be used to treat the condition
An unexpected “miracle” pair of elephant twins have been born in Thailand.Twin elephant births are rare as it is, accounting for only one per cent of births. But the combination of a male and female
Officers jumped into action to save a woman from overdosing after she was stopped at a DWI checkpoint in Monmouth County, New Jersey. Police said the woman had pulled into the checkpoint the
A substance found in pomegranates, known as urolithin A, may improve memory and Alzheimer’s disease symptoms, new research finds.Research has found that urolithin A enhances the body’s ability to get
Many more people around the world than normal were recently able to see the northern and southern lights overhead with the naked eye. This unusual event was triggered by a very strong solar storm,
A rescue swimmer pulled two 16-year-olds from the water near Kelly’s Cove off the northern end of Ocean Beach on Sunday afternoon after they were caught in strong currents for about 20 minutes, San
CARNELIAN BAY – A boat was engulfed in flames on Lake Tahoe's North Shore over the weekend. The Placer County Sheriff's Office says, just before 2 p.m. Sunday, their Marine Patrol deputies responded
Researchers at Japan's Osaka University published a new study examining the relationship between germ cells, aging, and sex, finding that vitamin D extended fishes' lifespan, a result that is likely

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