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CINCINNATI (WKRC) - A new kind of vending machine allows you to buy food or goods to give to someone in need.One of the famous Light the World Giving Machines is being installed locally at Kenwood
By Adam Dutton via SWNS An adorable kitten which was seconds away from being crushed in a bin lorry has found a new home in time for Christmas after being saved by a refuse worker. The two
YOU MIGHT BE STEPPING back into the gym for the first time in a while. Life has been getting in the way, and over and over again, your fitness routine was the first thing nixed. You’re ready to get
When I decided to name my pug Björk after the pagan pop poet, I knew it would come with certain responsibilities. My dog had a reputation to live up to. Acquiring a fantastic wardrobe for her felt
The pandemic shed a light on loneliness, showing the nation what it feels like to be socially isolated. “Suddenly, people saw how horrible it can be for older Americans, many of whom live by
Every city has a soul, but what makes a city a great place to live? Is it nature, the parks, the employment opportunities, nightlife, or something else? No one can answer that question definitively
On Tuesday, November 28 a rescued cow said hello to her new life after spending 17 years on a dairy farm. In a heartwarming clip, a cow named Margaret is welcomed to her new home at Uncle Neil's
A community in Westchester is pulling together to raise tens of thousands of dollars for the family of a beloved restaurant co-owner who faces a long recovery
Three blasts of energy from the sun are likely heading right toward Earth. Space weather forecasters believe this geomagnetic storm will create Northern Lights. NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center
NEW YORK (AP) — Something is different on the comics pages this week. In the panels of “Mutts,” there's the long-delayed sight of freedom. Patrick McDonnell, the cartoonist who draws the popular
A deserving veteran received a major surprise at the Tennessee Titans game Sunday.Seth Cole and his family were gifted a brand new Nissan Pathfinder while they were on the field during the team’s
Season 2 of Netflix's One Piece will introduce new Straw Hats, villains, and obstacles, promising an exciting continuation of the beloved series.
NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — People in Connecticut could get a chance to see the northern lights when a geomagnetic storm hits on Friday, according to a forecast made on Wednesday. Space Weather
The dome-shaped lantern projects a rotating array of colorful stars on the walls and ceiling, promising hours of fun with the press of a button. But the buttons are small and require a fair amount of
Hero crane driver describes desperate scramble to save workman from Reading blaze -
You might want to grab a tissue before watching a heartbreaking TikTok video that shows a compassionate dog looking after their sibling until the very end of his life. The tear-jerking clip shared by
Animated movies can be financially successful, with three of the top ten highest-earning films of 2023 being animated. Highly
Blane Hartleb’s car stereo store in Portland, Ore., was vandalized — again. The vandals damaged his store in an unsuccessful attempt to steal car stereo equipment. It happened twice in the span of
An abandoned plastic tub in New York turned out to have something quite “shocking” inside, an animal rescue says. Photos of a family of cats found “sealed shut” inside a bin in Colonie were shared in
You know what we love even more than taking a trip to the multiplex to see our favorite actors and actresses on the big screen? Seeing them once a week on the small screen from the comfort of our

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