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All the world might as well be a stage this summer, as mid-Missouri theater troupes and touring performers beckon audiences into theaters for moments of cool escapism and deeply humane expression.
An enormous “crater” the length of a double decker bus has appeared on a road in a Wiltshire hamlet.The area in Charlton-All-Saints has been plagued with flooding issues since Oct 2023. But with the
A new process developed at Cornell AgriTech can produce antioxidant-rich cold-pressed Concord grape juice with a longer shelf life, meeting rising demand for minimally processed juices that are
5 Songs Guitarists Need To Hear By The Cure
A commencement speaker surprised graduates at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth this week by giving them each $1,000 cash in envelopes – but with a catch. Robert Hale, Jr., the founder of
Rescue HI-Surf S01 Promo Trailer HD - Rescue HI-Surf Season 1
Researchers at the Francis Crick Institute and King's College London have discovered that how soft or rigid proteins are in certain regions can dictate how fast or slow they enter the nucleus.
Witch movies have been all the rage since the dawn of cinema, and audiences have flocked to the theater to receive a chill or thrill from Hollywood's greatest conjurers. Transcending their horror
(NEXSTAR) – If you missed the spectacular northern lights displays over the weekend, you may have another chance to see the aurora Tuesday night —depending on where you live. The solar activity
Going on trips is always a little bit scary, but it gets scarier when you have a furry friend to leave behind. Even when you know you're leaving them in the care of very capable strangers, it's hard;
Although it’s not spider mating season yet, you may be horrified to hear there will still be plenty of the often-dreaded eight-legged critters hiding in your home.Because while you’re more likely to
Deadly, unrelenting floods in southern Brazil have impacted nearly two million people. If you’d like to help Brazilians affected by the storms, click here or go to the campaign listed below. For
Eli Lily’s experimental new weight-loss drug is showing promising results.Retatrutide, which just completed a phase 2 clinical trial, helped patients lose an average of 24% of their body weight. The
It’s finally happening: Capri pants are back in the cultural conversation, and these are the best capri pants worth knowing about. Like other controversial bottoms of the recent past—low-rise denim,
Yelp recently revealed its Top 100 Brunch Spots in the nation — and Texas represented big. While California took the cake as the state with the most brunch spots on the list,
(NEXSTAR) — Amid a massive solar storm, Americans as far south as Hawaii, Florida, and Texas have had the chance to see the northern lights. For some, it’s the first time in nearly two decades that
Following a vegetarian or vegan diet might just buy you a longer, healthier life, a new review finds. Staying away from meat was tied to a reduced risk of heart disease, cancer and early death,
The video shows the heart-warming moment when a herd of elephants come to the rescue of a baby elephant stuck in a slippery watering hole. During the heat of the day in the African bush, it gets
EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — A Rhode Island man said he couldn’t believe his eyes when he opened the door and saw two severely damaged cars in front of his house Monday night. “We heard a couple
The US Department of Justice said Thursday that the attorney general has begun a rule-changing process that if finalized would reclassify marijuana as a schedule III drug. It's been considered a

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