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WASHINGTON COUNTY, Md. (DC News Now) — With the excessive heat the region has been experiencing lately, the Red Cross has been seeing a disincentive for donors to step outdoors and head to a donation
7 things to know about country singer Ingrid Andress
DENVER (KDVR) – An extremely rare orange lobster with a genetic mutation avoided a trip to the dinner table after it was delivered to a Red Lobster in Colorado. The Downtown Aquarium in Denver
An “incredibly rare” creature was recently spotted off the coast of Ireland. A North Atlantic right whale was recorded in Donegal Bay on July 15, according to a news release from the Irish Whale and
BOONSBORO, Md. (DC News Now) — They are a dedicated group of volunteers working from the United Methodist Church church basement, making quilts to help the less fortunate. This team meets weekly
A 160-pound dog wouldn’t budge on an Oregon trail, so rescuers gave the “sweet pup” a lift down the mountain, fire officials said. The Great Pyrenees was hiking Saddle Mountain on June 12, the Cannon
Deadpool and Wolverine have had many crossovers over the years. The two superheroes are a great combination for engaging and often humorous adventures. In many ways, they are the odd couple
A “game-changer” DIY cervical screening test that women can do at home could be rolled out on the NHS.The self-testing kit, which is quick and easy to use, could lead to around 400,000 more checks
Dramatic footage has captured the moment a fisherman was recued off a remote part of the Australian coast after he was bitten by a sea snake. The man was on a fishing vessel in the Joseph Bonaparte
That buffalo chicken wrap is calling.If there were a word to capture the general vibe of the fast food landscape right now, it might be “scrambling.” In the face of inflation and rising food costs,
July's full moon, known as the Buck Moon, will be at its fullest Sunday (July 21) when seen from North America. The moon will also appear bright and full on Saturday and Monday.Native American tribes
Although there is a large body of research on pests evolving tolerances for the pesticides meant to destroy them, there have been considerably fewer studies on how non-target animals in these
A 9-year-old cat reached an all-time low after her owner died, and her carers at an animal shelter were worried she would not find a forever home. Katniss was taken in by the Associated Humane
Truly the golden age of cinema.
Fairfax County, Virginia, received more than $50 million as part of a federal grant to buy new hybrid buses. "A lot of times, we're serving areas – we'll call them disadvantaged areas – and they
Therapist Saydi Shumway had her plate full with kids, work, church responsibilities, and everything else in between. “How can we take something else on?” the
In a rocky river of southern China swam a “territorial” creature. Noticing a potential trespasser, the aggressive animal flared its fins and headbutted the rival. Visiting scientists watched the
A “wrinkly” dog with “sad infected eyes” kept returning to a shelter — then his luck changed. Arlow got a fresh start at All Hound Rescue of Florida, which helped him get a much-needed eye surgery.
They offer benefits to our physical and mental health and that's just two of the best things about owning a dog.
The Perseid meteor shower has returned, bringing a stunning celestial display for stargazers across the state as it illuminates night skies across Texas. Described by NASA as

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