found that developing Germany’s shale oil and gas with hydraulic fracturing would not contaminate drinking water resources. A Reuters report summarized its findings. Geologists used computer simulations to study … · 1/30/2016
drinking water
Study: Fracking has occurred in underground sources of drinking water Energy companies are fracking for oil and gas at far shallower depths than widely believed, sometimes through underground sources of drinking water, according to research released ...
Los Angeles Times · 8/13/2014
Germany's powerful green lobbies warn against the possible contamination of drinking water through fracking. The densely populated ... the need to look beyond existing oil and gas reserves. But energy companies like ExxonMobil, Basf , Dea and CEP want ... · 1/26/2016
Shale Gas
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Yes, the oil companies are allowed to inject proven carcinogens ... The EPA immediately began a study of fracking and drinking water pollution. Enter Vice President Cheney in 2001 who convened a special task force …
Pensacola News Journal · 1/25/2016
Though cases in which drinking water was impacted were small in ... But Monsell disagrees. “Oil companies have fought tooth and nail against efforts to halt offshore fracking,” says Monsell, so it’s clear they have a …
The Christian Science Monitor · 2/2/2016
A Pittsburgh-based company is aiming to make the fracking ... "produced water." "It's brown and orange and yucky," said Tom Joseph, founder and CEO of Epiphany Water Solutions. Joseph started the company six years ago to provide drinking water to …
90.5WESA · 2/3/2016
Fracking Water
They learned that the frackers would drill right through their precious aquifer, risking contamination of their drinking water ... was linked to fracking. The Cabot Oil and Gas company had been ordered to provide alternative …
The Huffington Post · 1/26/2016
Fracking for oil and gas is occurring through some underground sources of drinking water, The Los Angeles Times reports, citing a Stanford University study released Tuesday that heightens concerns over the possibility of drinking water being contaminated ...
News Max · 8/13/2014
Last month, the Miami Herald reported that the Barron Collier Companies ... country’s dependence on foreign oil and dirty coal. But fracking is also highly controversial, especially in a state where the drinking water
Miami New Times · 2/5/2016
The bill does not require fracking companies to disclose the chemicals or potential ... 90 percent of the state’s residents get their drinking water from groundwater, which environmental groups and some lawmakers worry …
Think Progress · 1/29/2016
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