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A “game-changer” DIY cervical screening test that women can do at home could be rolled out on the NHS.The self-testing kit, which is quick and easy to use, could lead to around 400,000 more checks
July 18 (UPI) -- Police in Texas said a dog seen wandering with a plastic bowl stuck over its head has been captured and freed from her predicament. The Manvel Police Department revealed earlier this
You are reading an exclusive WrapPRO article for free. Want to level up your entertainment career? Go here for more information. The Copa América final drew in the largest audience Univision
Yale scientists have discovered a "Trojan horse" method for killing cancer, showing promise against a range of tumor types. By sneaking past the cancer's defenses, the mechanism is able to deliver
A family was rallying to support a man sent to a Pennsylvania burn center after a massive fire broke out in an Atlantic City apartment building, displacing more
Whether you take short strolls or over 10,000 steps a day
After nearly 20 years of research, a breakthrough in the fight against Alzheimer's may have been discovered in southeast Texas.The Alzheimer's Association said the crippling neurological disease
INDIANAPOLIS — The window to compete as a professional athlete does not open at all for most people. And even for those who do make it to the top, it can be fleeting. Kyle
A “wrinkly” dog with “sad infected eyes” kept returning to a shelter — then his luck changed. Arlow got a fresh start at All Hound Rescue of Florida, which helped him get a much-needed eye surgery.
These shades are equally bold and beautiful.
An “incredibly rare” creature was recently spotted off the coast of Ireland. A North Atlantic right whale was recorded in Donegal Bay on July 15, according to a news release from the Irish Whale and
Find expert-approved carry-ons, checked luggage and more for your next trip.
A new game emulator for iOS has joined the party. UTM, an open-source PC operating system emulator, has released UTM SE after a lengthy review process and a previous rejection. You can download UTM
If you've had an 8th-grade student attend a Washington D.C. trip, then you know how expensive it is. I sent my son to D.C. a couple of months ago and it was close to $800.Last night, the Chillicothe
It's an exciting time to be an antiques enthusiast. Whether you're a decades-long chinoiserie collector or a new devotee to all things Jean-Michel Frank, there's a renewed energy in the industry and
An object covering a loose dog’s head meant she needed to be trapped quickly so she could get the help she needed. The dog running through Manvel, Texas, was terrified if people got near her and
She's so good, she's so cute, she's so good. She's so fit. She's so felt. She's great. No, she's humble. She's humble. She probably will. I might have to like, dig into her closet and find one that
July keeps the music rolling with the Downtown Concert Series on Saturday and a much anticipated homecoming ahead. Tickets go on sale at noon Friday for rapper extraordinaire and
A bobcat kitten found causing havoc on the front porch of a Texas home was in need of help, according to police. Animal control officers in Round Rock — a community about 20 miles north from downtown
What could be the world’s rarest type of whale has washed up on a beach in New Zealand. The Department of Conservation (DOC) were notified when a type of beaked whale measuring at five-metres long

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