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A rescue dog with her tongue constantly hanging out has delighted the internet, as TikTok users can't get enough of her unusual appearance.Footage of Kiki the red-nosed pittie mix has well and truly
Around the year 1900, a handful of Roman medical tools were fished from the Walbrook River, an underground waterway that snakes beneath London. A total of six instruments were found: a scalpel handle
You are reading an exclusive WrapPRO article for free. Want to level up your entertainment career? Go here for more information. The Copa América final drew in the largest audience Univision
CHESTER, Pa. (CBS) -- A Bucks County mom has a new robotic arm, thanks to an occupational therapy team at Widener University.Getting around is challenging for Victoria Nedza, who has a rare form of
Another Mexican gray wolf has strayed from the designated recovery area for the endangered species, according to wildlife agencies.  A female wolf, known as Mexican wolf F2979, was
KALAMAZOO, MI – There’s this special power with sports and its ability to unite people. As Western Michigan men’s basketball team stepped onto the court Wednesday morning, they were moved to that
NEW YORK -- Did you see that? Several people reported seeing a meteor streak across the sky Tuesday in New York City, along with a loud boom and shaking buildings. NASA said initial reports suggest
Dramatic footage has captured the moment a fisherman was recued off a remote part of the Australian coast after he was bitten by a sea snake. The man was on a fishing vessel in the Joseph Bonaparte
8th grader Rory Abbs says it’s not the kind of thing kids will talk about, but she knows it hurts.  “You can tell that they’ve been through a lot,” Rory said.  3rd grader Carrabelle Williams says
ALCOA, Tenn. (WVLT) - The Knoxville Track Club is teaming up with the Blount County Sheriff’s Office to honor deputies Greg McCowan and Shelby Eggers.McCowan and Eggers were shot during a traffic
If you didn't know, now is the time to shop for all your summer and impending fall fashion needs. Whether it's jeans or coats, there are deals everywhere that will help you feel stylish without
GASTONIA, N.C. (WBTV) - A new leash on life. A puppy was nursed back to health and adopted after being stabbed about a month ago during a domestic dispute in Gastonia.Officers said the dog, whose
A local nonprofit is raising money to help continue its mission to provide free meals for people experiencing homelessness. Funds from the Homeless Alliance's "Fix Our
How does your body feel right now? Is your jaw clenched, are your shoulders tight and does it feel like your neck is in a vice? Or maybe you feel chill right now, but boy, those symptoms sound so
HONOLULU (KHON2) — Genetics have been a big topic of mass discussion ever since the first Jurassic Park movie. But that was fiction. At Hawaiʻi’s John A. Burns School of Medicine, a research team is
The top 10 for NFL career sacks by players from Alabama high schools and colleges remained unchanged during the 2023 season – both lists. The NFL has two sets of sack stats – the official one that
Can you imagine a day where you don’t have to think about getting more exercise, eating healthier, taking time away from your phone, or being more mindful? The essence of a habit is that you do it

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