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“We’ve all been fortunate," says Doris Griffith, one of the sisters who now holds the recordSix Missouri sisters have been verified as the record holders for the highest combined age of six living
Jack Insinga was supposed to be graduating on June 18. Instead, he's in the hospital with third-degree burns on his legs, coming to terms with the loss of both feet. The 18-year-old Branchville resident, a senior at Sussex County Tech, was dropping his girlfriend at home just before 1 a.m., Monday, J…
Firefighters rescued a woman who was clinging to a tree after she and her dog fell in Brick Township, officials said.Herbertsville firefighters responded to the
UC Health will soon serve patients at its new blood cancer center, which officials say will set apart the hospital system from others in the region. UC isn’t the only hospital system
Have you ever wondered if your relationship could be codependent? An expert shares 10 sure signs it is, and how to manage codependence if they sound familiar.Relationships are difficult to navigate,
As we've long established, there's a special kind of hazard to watch out for when you play golf in Florida: GATORS. These scaly beasts mostly keep to themselves, of course, but their presence can be
At a cave in southern India, a “dwarf”-like creature gripped the rock wall with “long” fingers. Something about the clawed animal caught the attention of visiting scientists. It turned out to be a
A family’s service dog was shot dead, and Minnesota authorities are investigating, deputies said. Deputies responded to a call around 6 p.m. June 15 about a family dog that was shot, according to a
No great movie can work without great characters. While we, as an audience, usually root for the hero, there are times when sidekicks are so compelling, funny, or complex that we can’t help but love
EXCLUSIVE: TCLtv+, the streaming service of the Chinese electronics group that owns the TCL Chinese Theatre, is launching a new, AI-focused accelerator for film and television creatives. The
When two mountain lion cubs were found stranded at an apartment complex in rural Fresno County earlier this year — their mother nowhere to be found — wildlife officials weren’t sure they could
Dr. Johan Christensen, leader of IMDEA Materials Institute's Mechanical and Acoustic Metamaterials research group, is among the researchers behind a pioneering study exploring the topological
The success of comedies has marked a before and after in Max's catalog, as in recent years it has been home to many high-quality comedic titles. Here, check out the top 25, both movies and series.
WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — Montgomery and Prince George’s counties are offering free meals to its students over the summer. Both counties will be offering breakfast and lunch. Students will be
When you're the pet parent of a big dog, you come to anticipate having the occasional big problem. Even the most well-mannered pups can sometimes act a little naughty. So, taking these challenges in
A giant tipping potato bucket called Tippin’ Tater that contains 750 gallons of water. A grumpy ram lifeguard keeping an eye on everyone. Two baby bears sliding down a log. Blue birds on a diving
Broccoli is renowned for its health benefits, primarily due to its rich glucosinolate (GSL) content, which has anti-carcinogenic and antioxidant properties. Despite extensive studies on Brassica
A scared and dehydrated puppy was rescued in the 90-degree heat of Joshua Tree National Park earlier this month after the dog ran away from its owners and found itself on a tall, rocky ledge,
Sickle cell disease, a genetic blood disorder, affects about 100,000 Americans. Millions more carry the gene, which can get passed down through generations, and may not know it. Philadelphia and

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