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Molly McCollum, Jane McArdle, Eleanor Cart, Clarke Jones and Kaitlyn Iannace were en route to a girls’ weekend in March when they jumped into actionA group of sorority sisters are speaking out about
Much like humans, dogs suffer from health issues as they get older. These could range from reduced mobility to dental problems, and in some cases, memory loss. Recently, an owner has given the
Every MLB season brings its own set of surprises, some pleasant and others not. Two weeks after MLB opened its season in South Korea, here are 10 early surprises. All records and stats are through
The San Antonio Zoo just welcomed a new fairy bluebird chick to their family of animals and this little cutie is just now getting its first taste of life, as we see in this fun little video.Freshly
Dogs might experience a type of blindness when offered a treat, a new study has found. It has long been known that humans can experience "inattentional blindness" when they are highly fixated on a
EAST LONGMEADOW, MA (WGGB/WSHM) - Preparations for Monday’s Boston Marathon are in full swing and, this year, one participant will be running to make a positive impact for children with critical
What's being called the most visible eclipse for the United States in 100 years is just days away, but there has always been a big question mark for Monday, April
University of Pennsylvania wants to establish a strategy for using and teaching artificial intelligence, as the technology becomes more common in medicine and everyday life. The Perelman School of
Despite her lack of superpowers in the mainstream Marvel continuity, Aunt May has long been one of the company's most recognizable characters; thanks to the
Thousands gathered at the Pentacrest on the University of Iowa's campus to take in the view of the first total solar eclipse visible in Iowa since 2017.Although the eclipse was not at 100% totality,
It all started because his 9-year-old son wanted a pet. Not just any pet. An octopus. Specifically, a California two-spot octopus, also known as a bimac. So,
As head cook of Milwaukee’s only hot lunch program for the homeless and hungry, Lauren Baas spends most of her shift in the kitchen, preparing a meal for 100-plus people. The
Nature is taking another bow -- first an earthquake, then a solar eclipse, and now a streaking fireball in the sky.A possible meteor was spotted Wednesday around 4 a.m. lighting up the pre-dawn hours
A dog is receiving treatment at a local veterinarian clinic after being rescued from a Noblesville house fire. According to a social media post from the Noblesville Fire Department, firefighters were
Here is a complete picture of the areas that prioritize fun.
See totality over Ohio, New York and Maine in these time-lapsed views. Cleveland, Ohio: Credit: Salvatore Oriti of NASA Glenn Research Center Tupper Lake, New York: Credit: Seth McGowan of the
Nine Denver Police officers are being recognized for their good deeds. These are called CAP Awards, known as Citizens Appreciate Police awards.These nine officers went above and beyond to help
Console modder Hairo Satoh has posted a video to Instagram that appears to show a working PlayStation gaming handheld constructed from an obscure PS1 controller.As explained by IGN, this isn’t the

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