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On a special episode (first released on June 20, 2024) of The Excerpt podcast: With the advent of CRISPR as a gene editing technology, there are new opportunities to develop breakthrough treatments
With a flight deck that can stretch nearly the length of three football fields, aircraft carriers are like floating airports, fully equipped to launch and recover airplanes and helicopters worldwide.
Some armadillos were just trying to stay cool in the searing temperatures of Texas, but watch the video to see why catching these quadruplets at play is so special.
A family of martial arts teachers was lauded by Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez on Wednesday, after they stepped in to help a woman being assaulted near their Katy-area business. In a post on X,
Taking a cutting-edge weight-loss drug could help extremely obese patients drop enough pounds to be eligible for bariatric surgery, a new study shows. Patients with extreme obesity -- a BMI of 70 or
Shop TODAY independently determines what we cover and recommend. When you buy through our links, we earn a commission. Learn more.Jenna Bush Hager chose Essie Chambers' debut novel "Swift River" for
It's time once again for the full moon and this one is pretty sweet, but not just because of its name. June's full moon takes on the moniker of the Strawberry Moon, and it
Greyson Leo Phillips turned 3 months old last week and celebrated by doing all of his favorite things: eating, sleeping, groaning and wiggling. Greyson, who was born three months prematurely in
A young cat ended up at an Oregon hospital, where X-rays revealed something lodged in his nose. The kitten, named Kevin, “didn’t really want to eat and was doing this extra hard gagging for a few
As a longtime hot sleeper, I understand firsthand how difficult it is to get quality z’s when it seems as though your body has a built-in sauna. Plus, in summer, sleep is bound to be even more sweaty
Two “elusive” creatures named for their crocodile-like appearance have been hatched at an accredited zoo for the first time, the Tennessee facility said. Nashville Zoo announced the historic hatching
SOUTH JERSEY - With summer comes beach trips, pool days and most importantly, ice cream shop visits. While there are a lot of choices to get ice cream from a shop, supporting
BRIDGEVILLE, Pa. (KDKA) — A state senator and his neighbor are being hailed as heroes for jumping into action and saving the life of a FedEx driver.Mark Macala was working from home on Thursday in
Someone became trapped in a grain silo in Pennsylvania on Friday morning — and was freed with the help of emergency crews from Maryland. The call to a report of
Researchers have shed new light on why some people do not get Covid-19.In a world-first, 36 healthy people who had never had coronavirus were deliberately given the virus that causes the disease.The
Ivor Simmons may be 95 and living in a care home, but he is as concerned as anyone about the forthcoming general election – the 25th of his lifetime. “They’re full of promises that won’t come to
The La Dolce Vita and A Man and a Woman actress has died aged 92
Boom Supersonic has wrapped up construction on its Superfactory in Greensboro, where it'll manufacture supersonic passenger jets. Why it matters: Boom has ambitious plans to transform commercial air
A senior dog with the “most charming quirks” is up for adoption in Florida. “Lucy is a happy girl who even smiles by lifting her upper lip and doing happy sneezes when she gets really excited,”
Hundreds of seniors in Central Florida won't have to worry as much about the power going off when bad weather hits. W choose Bob Payson rode along with a nonprofit that's handing out portable power

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