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People raised by narcissistic parents can experience issues long after flying the coup. "It can affect every child's development and leave lasting emotional scars into adulthood," says Najamah Davis,
A giving event was held in National City on Saturday for people who fell victim to last month’s historic flooding that destroyed hundreds of homes. “It starts here. This is where you begin,” Shay
Stafford County Animal Shelter issued an urgent plea Thursday as they are facing an increase in their dog population and may have to resort to euthanasia, officials said in a social media post
Whether it's Valentine's Day or you're just in the mood for love, it's always a good time to get stuck into one of the best LGBT romances in movies. Grand gestures on the big screen aren't just the
Researchers led by Northwestern University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison have introduced a pioneering approach aimed at combating neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's disease,
LAS CRUCES, N.M. (KRQE) – A dog that went missing in Colorado was found four years later and more than 500 miles away in southern New Mexico. Now, Patches back home with her original owner, Benjamin
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The 10 best songs of 2023
From Miley to Kylie to a 45-year-old unearthed gem, here are the tracks that made our year.Music in 2023 never stopped surprising us. The TikTok-famous became Top 5 famous. A trio of folk-rock
Fruits and vegetables are expensive enough without them going bad quickly on the kitchen counter or even in the refrigerator before we’ve even had a chance to eat them. Extending their
A video captured the moment a Florida deputy serendipitously arrived at a crash scene moments after the high-speed collision and saved two small children. The Feb. 8 crash
A puppy found running through traffic in Hampden County on Valentine's Day has captured the hearts of many people. But caring for the aptly named Cupid is costly,
Luise Rainer's performance in 'The Great Ziegfeld' is an extraordinary and memorable portrayal, even though she only appears in 20% of the film.
A flight from Austin to Detroit on April will be timed to "spend as much time as possible directly within the path of totality," the airline announced Monday What's it like to experience a solar
If you have ever known or loved a small dog, you're likely aware of their enormous personality. It's almost as if many don't comprehend their tiny size. Even larger dogs often feel intimidated by
With a torn ACL and a knee in need of replacement, Cindy Tutko was facing a long and challenging trek through the Atlanta airport while heading home to Florida about a month ago. She had just left
From Hyrdo Flask water bottles to Lululemon leggings, there are plenty of expensive products that have cheaper alternatives available for purchase at Costco.
Wasim Khaled believes that “human beings are not yet ready” for the warped realities that can be spread through harmful AI. Compass, a “context product” launched by Blackbird, uses gen AI to help
A baby in Monmouth, Maine shared an infectious smile after hearing his parents' voices for the first time. Beckett McNaughton, who was born deaf, received special hearing
(SPOT.ph) Picture a ravishing red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. Who else is getting flashbacks to every cake shop selling their own version of this blushing cake in every weekend bazaar
The heart is a near-universal symbol of love and one of the most vital organs in the body. Now, to better understand the inner workings of the heart, scientists have recreated the organ's biology in
It's almost time for the anticipated Puppy Bowl, and it's time to tune in to the event to watch some adorable puppies play football. Here, check where you can stream it online, where to watch it on

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