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7News has been reporting on juvenile crime for years. We’ve explored how law enforcement is addressing the issue, but there are also many pillars in the community making a difference. On Saturday,
K’ahk’ Uti’ Witz’ K’awiil knew his history. For 11 generations, the Mayan ruler’s dynasty had ruled Copan, a city-state near today’s border between Honduras and Guatemala. From the fifth century C.E
Mikey Breed: Domestic shorthair Age: 2 years old Meet this sweet, fun little guy who is ready to take on the world. He is goofy and fun-loving with a little voice that does not match his big
The iconic image of Rosie the Riveter, a symbol of strength and resilience, powerfully represented the women who held down the fort (and the U.S. workforce) during World War II. Her image, flexing
The last twelve months have been the hottest in recorded human history. This relentess pattern is being driven by human-caused climate change, but also El
Dogs hit the waves for a pre-summer surf session
1.A food dome with a metal screen that’ll keep all of your burgers, hot dogs, and side dishes bug-free, since there’s nothing worse than a fly in your pasta salad. Thankfully, this cream-colored food
A mysterious object at the centre of our galaxy is firing out microwaves and bamboozling astronomers.Scientists from the US and Europe have been studying the object, and came to the conclusion that
A 14-year-old and her dad were rescued after she was unable to hike back to a trailhead in Oregon, officials said. The U.S. Coast Guard in Seattle received reports on June 16 of a teen who had
Avangrid Renewables is a sustainable energy company headquartered in Portland, Oregon. They are producing clean energy around the country using wind and solar farms.The company has more than 70 wind
Community groups have worked together to provide free rides for children at an Eid celebration event.The two-day Inspire Eid Festival started on Sunday and runs through to Monday at Lewsey Park in
Dogs in tune with their neighborhoods often get a little too distracted by the commotion outside. They'll bark as neighbors walk by or if a delivery truck drives past. It is their way of keeping
It’s time for Just Baseball’s June hitter power rankings! First things first: Much has transpired in MLB since our inaugural list was released in May. Therefore, be prepared to see significant
One day last summer, Milwaukee police realized a woman named Emma, a 19-year-old known to be in a high-risk abusive relationship, was in active danger. It wasn’t because she or a witness
The Humane Society of Central Oregon is celebrating a "rare" cat that came into their care, calling a tiny kitten a "unicorn."On June 6, 2024, the Humane Society shared more information about Cinder,
Square Enix ushered in an exciting new trend of "HD-2D" remakes of beloved RPGs with games like Octopath Traveler and Triangle Strategy, and it has great potential with other franchise titles. The
In southern Brazil, the now-lush rainforest environment once was a vast desert. Under the beating sun, massive shadows would pass overhead before fearsome predators cascade from the sky and attack.
HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) – The Community Renewal Team (CRT) plans to provide more than 35,000 free meals to children in the Hartford area this summer. The federally-funded Summer Food Service
Natural disasters have the potential to cause huge devastation. Earthquakes, tsunamis, and tornadoes have been known to decimate communities and wipe out unthinkable numbers of human lives. The
From Jamie Lee Curtis to Jon Bernthal.

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