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Back in November, the Florida basketball team landed a commitment from a very intriguing prospect. Olivier Roux will be joining the Gators next season, and what makes him such an interesting player
Greyson Leo Phillips turned 3 months old last week and celebrated by doing all of his favorite things: eating, sleeping, groaning and wiggling. Greyson, who was born three months prematurely in
From inseparable pals to surprising bonds between predator and prey, animals can form the unlikeliest of friendships. In the following gallery, browse through some images of adorable animal
Some studies have raised concerns about a potential link between the widely used type 2 diabetes drug metformin and an increased risk of conceiving a baby with birth defects. But new research now
Season 14 may be over, but these ideas live on.
WOODSTOCK, Conn. (WTNH) — More than a dozen puppies were rescued Thursday morning after a rollover crash in Woodstock. The Muddy Brook Fire Department said Senexet Road was closed between Laurel
Steve Ricketts caught the 11lbs 3oz and 47 inch long eel in a lake in Kent He broke a 46-year record that was thought to be unbeatable What's the biggest eel you have caught? Email: olivia
Baby names related to the stars, planets and the sky are simply heavenly. Pamela Redmond of the baby name site Nameberry tells TODAY.com that celestial-inspired baby names are on trend. "Names like
With dangerously hot temperatures expected to scorch New Jersey this week, Camden County is offering free fans and air conditioners for low-income seniors. The county’s board of commissioners will be
TikTok user @eddienchooch215 says his new dog, CiCi, is right at home after living life as a strayA Philadelphia man has gone viral on TikTok and Instagram after taking a vacation to Puerto Rico and
Editor’s note: This story was originally published in 2023. California can keep its picturesque sunsets — we’ll take a breathtaking New Jersey sunrise any day. But we know what you’re thinking: It’s
Amantina dos Santos Duvirgem's pension records show she was born in 1900She will celebrate her June 22 birthday at a party organised by officials A woman believed to be the oldest in the world is set
A visitor from the great outdoors wanted a kick-around in Colorado this week. An elk playfully crashed a game of pick-up soccer and showed better ball control than lackluster England did in their
Inflate the paddling pool, stock up on sunscreen, a heatwave is hitting the UK – and it can’t come soon enough. With it comes an abrupt wardrobe switchover from spring’s light jackets and ankle
Scientists say climate change is wearing down our roads faster and you don’t have to look far for potholes and cracks in the road around Seattle."The extreme events are the problems," University of
The tale of one shelter dog has come to a happy ending after a very long time, an Iowa shelter announced. Meet Faya, a pup who has called the Humane Society of Scott County her home for 420 long
World's largest heart-shaped sculpture is now under construction in Port St. Lucie, and developers announced names of restaurants coming to the area.
By Charles Mpaka Wild chimpanzees actively seek out plants with medicinal properties to treat themselves for specific ailments,a new study has found. While most animals consume foods with medicinal
The Montgomery County Parks Foundation is raising funds to help rebuild a playground after it was destroyed by a fire in May.Officials were alerted to the fire at Greenbriar Local Park after an
A giant tipping potato bucket called Tippin’ Tater that contains 750 gallons of water. A grumpy ram lifeguard keeping an eye on everyone. Two baby bears sliding down a log. Blue birds on a diving

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