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May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, and what better way to celebrate these cultures in San Antonio than to appreciate how much they’ve contributed to the city through food? 
Proteins are molecular machines, with flexible pieces and moving parts. Understanding how these parts move helps scientists unravel the function a protein plays in living things—and potentially how
EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — A Rhode Island man said he couldn’t believe his eyes when he opened the door and saw two severely damaged cars in front of his house Monday night. “We heard a couple
Not even the greatest players in the NBA will ever be able to top these records. Or will they? Check out the most impressive milestones in basketball history right here.
Firefighters with South County Fire battled a fire in Mountlake Terrace Tuesday, rescuing a cat in the process.According to South County Fire, a kitchen fire was stopped from spreading throughout the
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A bruin's recent excursion into a Naples garage didn't bear fruit or anything else for that matter. Once inside Yoandry Garcia's Golden Gate Estates garage, the black bear
John Hughes' iconic teen dialogue in The Breakfast Club still resonates with fans today. The film's heartfelt quotes
Viruses are a mysterious and poorly understood force in microbial ecosystems. Researchers know they can infect, kill and manipulate human and bacterial cells in nearly every environment, from the
Lawmakers want to break the stigma to get critical mental health care to a group of people usually exposed to trauma. Daily Channel 11's Andrew Havranic has more on the fight to treat PTSD and 1st
Mother Nature has been celebrating the new year by blanketing the Midwest with several feet of snow and sub-zero temperatures. Where I live in Illinois, the highs for this week barely breach the
Significant concentrations of microplastics have been found in human testicles, raising concerns they may be adding to the global decline in sperm quality.Researchers from the University of New
The video shows the heart-warming moment when a herd of elephants come to the rescue of a baby elephant stuck in a slippery watering hole. During the heat of the day in the African bush, it gets
Breakfast in bed is usually reserved for Mother’s Day, but we’re here to question the status quo. Sweet or savory, simple or elaborate, we know one thing for sure: the way to Dad’s heart is through a
There’s a new resident at the Kennedy Space Center, a Dream Chaser space plane named “Tenacity.”It arrived Saturday and is undergoing the last round of testing and proving ahead of its inaugural
A shelter kitten has left the internet in stitches after a video of him expertly escaping a metal cage just like a magician went viral on social media last week.The clip was shared on TikTok on
Netflix's dark comedy Baby Reindeer has been one of the year's biggest sleeper hits, earning 52.8 million viewing hours during its second week alone. Even creator-star Richard Gadd didn't
In our commitment to advancing patient care, I am thrilled to introduce the latest breakthrough in lung biopsy technology, the Intuitive Ion Navigational Bronchoscopy. This cutting-edge
On3 has released its updated player rankings — the On300 — for the 2026 cycle. Dozens of prospects saw their stock rise as they prepare for their junior campaigns on the gridiron. A few, however,

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