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A family from the UK is elated after their beloved cat named Jack returns home after having gone missing two years earlier.On February 22, the BBC News shared the story of a cat named Jack, who
Roses, chocolates, dinner and a movie — the perfect Valentine’s Day combo. I mean, I guess. I suppose the greeting card industry would like a mention of a card in there
CHICAGO (WGN) — For decades, asthma patients have used a drug to help them breathe better. Now, the Food and Drug Administration has given the nod to use that drug to reduce serious reactions from
The Snow Moon is the last full moon in February and the last one to see in winterThe moon will rise from 17:27 tonight and should be visible wherever you are While there's no snow forecast for
Students are offering free dental surgery to people who need complex operations on their teeth. University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) dentistry students will be able to remove wisdom teeth and
Biomolecules such as amino acids and sugars occur in two mirror-image forms—in all living organisms, however, only one is ever found. Why this is the case is still unclear. Researchers at Empa and
A pair of huskies became convinced they had spotted a rabbit during a trip to the park with their owner.However, as a video shared to TikTok by the account siberianderpskies explained, what the dogs
Royal Caribbean's Icon of the Seas set sail in late January. The company's next giant cruise ship, Utopia of the Seas, is set to lauch in July.
The Lucid Air Grand Touring Performance registered some incredible numbers when we tested it back in 2023; now we have the company’s top tier Sapphire. How will the 1
The full moon rising during the last weekend of February will appear smaller and dimmer than usual. This moon will be called the Micro Snow Moon; find out why it's being named that.
SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB/WSHM) - Two bystanders stepped in to save a young teen from drowning at a Springfield pond on Friday afternoon.The Springfield native we spoke to said he didn’t think twice
Window or aisle? It's an age-old frequent flyer debate that's as divisive as walking into a room and declaring that "Toy Story 3" is mediocre (I'll die on this hill) or that Beyonce is, in fact, way
A lot of celebrities have hopped on the train of rescuing as many animals as they can, and it's magical. Rescuing animals is great, and when you have the space that some of these celebrities have, it
People can test themselves about as accurately at home with rapid antigen coronavirus tests as health care professionals using the same tests, according to a Johns Hopkins Medicine-led study
Skulls, coffins, and the Grim Reaper himself – the Mashed Bros must have some kind of death wish in this heavy metal hot sauce marathon. Will they skate through without needing a single sip of water?
A 10-week-old black Chihuahua was rescued while precariously wandering along the on-ramp to the expressway in Dorchester, the Animal Rescue League said Sunday. “The Good Samaritan who rescued her had
ASHTABULA, Ohio — Remote Area Medical, a nonprofit that organizes pop-up medical clinics around the country to deliver services to people who otherwise have limited access is coming to Northeast Ohio
It's probably one of the oldest superstitions that if a black cat crosses your path, you will be struck with bad luck. But most cat lovers will tell you that if a black cat crosses your path, you

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