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The state of the roads is important to everyone who travels over them. Virtually everyone notices when the roads are bad. The journey becomes bumpy and shaky and may even damage your vehicle. Some
As cancer rates are on the rise in the military community, veterans in Boca Raton had the chance to check for those risks through a free MRI scan that uses artificial intelligence to check for
Austin's diverse food scene is top notch, but the city's most recent culinary recognition came from one of the most classic dishes around: pizza. Five Austin pizzerias landed
Rochester, N.Y. (WHAM) — With April 8 just around the corner, Rochester and its neighboring areas are buzzing with excitement as they prepare for a rare total solar eclipse. Anticipation is growing
LEXINGTON - Thousands of senior citizens were feeling the love this past Valentine's Day thanks to kids in Massachusetts. Weeks ago, Assisting Hands Home Care in Lexington started a "Letters for
WILTON – A doggie debacle: A Stockton-area pooch named Gracie got her head stuck in a Biscotti bucket for two weeks.  Carol Eisenbrandt runs Wilton Animal Rescue and said she was alerted about the
(NewsNation) — In a bid to shatter a Guinness World Record and support children facing medically related hair loss, the stage is set for “The Great Cut 2024,” where hundreds of hair professionals
A father and son from Gwinnett County wanted to give back to their community during Black History Month.14-year-old Matthew Carson says it’s important to give back, and it’s an honor to do that right
Is it any surprise we get excited about the switch in season – and the thoughts of spring paving the way for summertime joy?Indeed, it only takes a brief walk through the park, or journey through the
Who doesn't love a rejuvenating hot shower? A dachshund called Teddy has delighted viewers on social media after a clip of him showering "like he pays the water bill" went viral on social media.In
PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — An Oregon woman has earned bragging rights after securing the Guinness World Record for the largest female tongue circumference. With a tongue circumference of 5.21 inches,
"Welcome to La Grange. The Kindness Capital of Kentucky." The sign greets people as they enter Oldham County's largest city, but it's the story behind the sign that really
There are plenty of ways to keep our furry friends busy throughout the day, but the Washington Humane Society really nailed it with this one. It might be time to make some space on the wall or fridge
A giant anaconda species thought to be the largest in the world has been captured deep in the Amazon of Ecuador by a team of scientists from The University of Queensland.
Indiana has many ties to different inventions throughout the years. Some, like Wonder Bread, are more well-known. But did you know tomato juice and Coca-Cola have ties to the Hoosier
There's now the ability for 911 dispatchers to see what's happening on a scene by using the caller's cellphone camera.It's already being used to save lives and catch criminals in the act.Sign up for
Einstein found this toy microphone in his drawer and tried to perch on it. A very difficult maneuver since the microphone kept rolling around. In the end, he mastered it! RumbleBalanceMicrophone.mp4
If you’re a mom, here are two things you probably need: You can achieve both these things on a girls weekend in Michigan. In Michigan’s small towns and big cities, you can reinvigorate
Once again, Robert Irwin has proven how much he's like his late father, Crocodile Hunter star Steve Irwin.The 20-year-old son of Steve and Terri Irwin took to TikTok on Friday, March 1, to share an

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