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After an especially snowy winter in Clark, William "Cody" Lynn had had enough of shoveling. "This last winter I threw my back out about three times throwing snow over the 10 feet of snowpack," Lynn
Two days after a fire burned a rental home to the ground in Brookings, Ore., Aubrie Krause was at the scene conducting an investigation. She heard a small whimper coming from beneath a trailer
It's more than just roadside assistance: These are the things AAA members don't realize they can get for free, according to experts.
Daily Voice Cumberland & Salem Counties NJ
Bright Green Fireball Blazes Across NJ, PA Skies
An earthquake, a total solar eclipse and now a fireball. What a week for weather in the Northeast.Dozens of residents across the region reported seeing a bright
Any pet parent or foster family wants their new animals to feel at home, but that comes with time, patience and an understanding that they might not get the hang of it immediately.One Boston
A gene mutation that reduces the odds of developing Alzheimer’s disease by 70% has been discovered by scientists.This “protective” variant occurs in a gene – FN1 – which makes a protein known as
The Moon turned itself inside out after breaking off from the Earth, according to scientists.How our satellite formed has puzzled astronomers for centuries, but the leading theory today suggests that
Summer is only a few weeks away, and the sunshine and the heat will accompany it. While it can feel soothing for us to spend time relaxing in the golden rays, when the mercury rises, it’s not always
(NewsNation) —  It could be the lifeline that tens of thousands of people hoping for a liver transplant: the possibility of growing their own new liver inside their bodies. The biotech company
TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A Riverview, Florida, truck driver was named a “highway angel” after he rescued a mother and her daughter after their car flipped on a busy highway in Kansas last month.
A new class of guide dogs that graduated from a New York nonprofit organization – including one dog going to serve the organization’s CEO – demonstrates the
Sam’s Club can be a hit or miss when it comes to what you should and shouldn’t buy. Don’t get me wrong—it can be a treasure trove of bargains, but only some things are a steal. As frugal enthusiasts,
As persecution of Jews in Europe mounted in the years prior to and during World War II, many people desperately sought visas and other ways to escape the Nazi regime. With that, heroes emerged to
In the early 1990s, southern sea otters were nearly hunted to extinction. After becoming a protected species, their population rebounded from about 50 in 1938 to 3,000 today, the Aquarium of the
If you’re under a blanket of clouds in Texas and can’t see Monday’s total solar eclipse from the ground, the nation’s most useful weather satellites can give you a view of the moon’s eclipse shadow
Five University of Georgia sorority sisters heroically saved a mother and her two young sons after their car flew off a bridge and into a creek, rushing into the cold water to rescue the boys.
Despite many efforts to find better, more effective ways to treat cancer, it remains a leading cause of death by disease among children in the U.S. Cancer patients are also getting younger. Cancer
BERLIN (AP) — Berlin's zoo is celebrating the 67th birthday of Fatou the gorilla, its oldest resident, who it believes is also the oldest gorilla in the world.Fatou was born in 1957 and came to the
World's oldest man enjoys weekly fish and chips he credits as secret to old age. Source: BBC
Daily Voice Passaic County NJ
Heroes Revive Hudson Prosecutor Detectives
" /> A visitor who suffered a medical emergency at Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office was revived by a group of detectives, authorities said.Prosecutor’s Detectives

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