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A furry pitch invader paused Major League Soccer play on Wednesday as a rogue raccoon ran onto the field during a match between the Philadelphia Union and New York City FC. The athletic critter ran
Some Texans could get a glimpse this weekend of the aurora borealis, or Northern Lights, in what officials are calling an “unusual and potentially historic event.” The phenomenon lit up skies across
Style as a cover-up or with jeans and flats.If you’ve ever ventured out into the summer heat with a tight top on, you know firsthand how sticky clothing can feel against your skin. Not to mention,
In order for Germany to become climate neutral by 2045, CO2 emissions must first be drastically and permanently reduced. However, CDR measures alone cannot remove the large quantities of CO2 that are
A litter of kittens has a new surrogate mom after being found abandoned in a milk carton crate in Westchester.The kittens, all only a few days old, were discovered
SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - The "closet" at Coronado High School in Scottsdale is looking for donations as it's expanding the space thanks to a partnership with the Scottsdale Police Department.The closet
Vacations are a time of rest, relaxation and enjoyment. In today’s economy with high prices and inflation, taking your next vacation could come at a premium. Dave Ramsey: 7 Vacation Splurges That Are
The scientists stimulated the brain using electrodes implanted on its surface. Blind and sighted participants could "see" letters traced on their brains.
In salty humidity thick as stew, Gloria Cabal and Hector Vega trudged through the mud and crawled on all fours through wet, mucky mangrove and cocoplum thickets in the dense Everglades. Were the
When it comes to classic action movies, they're usually always led by macho men, relegating female characters to damsels in distress or side pieces. However, there have been plenty of action movies,
If you hate (or simply can’t be bothered) to adjust your audio profiles when setting up a new gaming headset, then you might be the target demographic for SteelSeries’ latest offering.
EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — A Rhode Island man said he couldn’t believe his eyes when he opened the door and saw two severely damaged cars in front of his house Monday night. “We heard a couple
Communication is fundamental to human interaction, but not all words and phrases are created equal. Some phrases have the curious ability to make people roll their eyes in exasperation. These
Take a journey to the James Webb Space Telescope's stunning view of giant galaxy cluster WHL0137-08. Credit: Space.com | zoom-in courtesy: NASA, ESA, CSA, Alyssa Pagan (STScI) / Acknowledgment: NSF's
A hallucinogenic toad’s venom could be a new form of anti-depressant, scientists say. The Colorado River toad, also known as the Sonoran Desert toad, has psychedelic venom just below the surface,
Man’s best friend may have some competition.A content creator named Robby recently took to Instagram to show off one of his dogs and just how far her obsession with the actor Timothée Chalamet goes.
The grand final of the 68th Eurovision Song Contest takes place in Malmo, Sweden, on Saturday, May 11. The international songwriting competition is famed for its exuberant performances. However, this
BOSTON - A new analysis finds that people who use the newest weight loss drugs, specifically Wegovy, may keep the weight off for years.Novo Nordisk, the maker of Wegovy, presented data showing that

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