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Connect your card and you will automatically be eligible for savings with Card-Linked Offers. Free to join, Free to use. We found a better way to do daily deals.

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Why use Card-Linked?

Traditional deals require you to pre-purchase an offer in order to get fantastic savings. With Bing Offers Card-Linked, there is nothing to buy in advance, and no coupons required. Even better, you get exclusive access to all Card-Linked offers.

How it works

When you activate, we create a link between your credit or debit card and our exclusive Card-Linked offers. Make an eligible purchase at a participating retailer, and we'll credit the offer discount directly to your credit or debit card typically within three to five days.

Want to know more? Take a stroll through our handy FAQ


+What is a Card-Linked offer?

+How much do you charge to join Bing Offers Card-Linked?

+What are the rules for using Bing Offers Card-Linked?


+What is a Microsoft account? What if I don’t have a Microsoft account?

+What other e-mail account can use if I don’t have a Microsoft account?

Redemption of Offers

+How do I redeem a Bing Offers Card-Linked offer?

+Do I need to tell the business about the Card-Linked Offer to get the deal?

+I activated my card with Bing Offers Card-Linked and went to a store to redeem a discount and I am confident I made a qualified purchase, but I had to pay full-price at check-out? Where is my discount?

+Where can I use Bing Offers Card-Linked?

+Where can I find Card-Linked offers?

You can find and explore current Card-Linked offers at:

+Are Bing Offers Card-Linked valid only for in-store purchases or are they valid for online purchases as well?

Currently, Bing Offers Card-Linked are valid with participating businesses for in-store purchases only. Online transactions may become available in the future with business participation.


+Where can I get support or offer a suggestion?

You can get support or voice your suggestions, and feedback at our user support forum. We love to hear from you and the team at Bing Offers is always hungry for more input. Please let us know how we can improve your experience.

+What type of payment cards can I link to my account?

You can add most Visa or MasterCard payment credit or debit cards to Bing Offers Card-Linked during the activation process, or thought the account management page. The Bing Offers team is actively working to have American Express added to the Card-Linked program.

+Is my credit card and privacy information safe secure?

Bing Offers Card-Linked follows the highest banking security standards and meets or exceeds PCI compliance standards for the banking industry. We recommend you read the Bing Offers Card-Linked Terms of Use for more information about our data and information use policy. We also recommend reading Microsoft’s privacy policy for additional information.