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I'm a content strategist & creator, writer, podcast & social video producer, top digital marketer. Love to dance. How can I help you? 
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    • .@RCNconnects Here's another deal for new customers in my building that offers NOTHING to existing customers. And don't tell me that I got a d…
      Twitter · 2 mo
    • Dear medical profession - WHY TF are all patient forms not online to stop wasting patient time? This is 2019 not 1955
      Twitter · 2 mo
    • <"In my view, governments should impose an immediate ban on targeted political advertising to restore trust in our public discourse." I could not agree more!> I Invented the World Wide Web. Here’s How We Can Fix It. by @timberners-lee via @nytimes
      Twitter · 2 mo
    • Lucy liked The Twolight Zone so much she ste it
      Instagram · 3 likes · 5 mo
    • Nope it is not snowing this is the work of Lucy while I was working on a document. Good thing she’s so cute
      Instagram · 10 likes · 6 mo
    • More from tonight’s harbor cruise with @travelwithval and the mighty Mojito puppy
      Instagram · 4 likes · 7 mo
    • Ms Patti Smith Ochman is chillin
      Instagram · 11 likes · 9 mo
    • J.D. Lasica's Strategy & Tactics for Making "Biohack" #1 on Amazon
      YouTube · 32 views · 19 mo
    • B.L. Ochman Interviews Nantucket Sea Monster Author Darcy Pattison
      YouTube · 309 views · 21 mo
    • Highlights - Stephens Elementary's Virtual Field Trip
      YouTube · 94 views · 69 mo
    • RT @jbernoff: No more political ad targeting (except geographic). Ban it. On every digital platform. For every type of data. Even in email. wi…
      Twitter · 2 mo
    • Rest up and rock on Ruth Bader Ginsburg, you wonderful woman. We need you. Make sure you keep working out.😀❤️❤️❤️ #RuthBaderGinsburg #RuthBaderGinsburgRocks…
      Twitter · 2 mo
    • Lucy after the park where she romped for the morning
      Instagram · 10 likes · 5 mo
    • Our first mate searching for whales -and we saw several!
      Instagram · 8 likes · 6 mo
    • Lucy are the stuffing out of Lamby Blue and now he’s her baby
      Instagram · 8 likes · 7 mo
    • New york harbor cruise tonight on Yacht Manhattan 2 tonight
      Instagram · 8 likes · 7 mo
    • Knightscope CEO William Santana Li Talks Robotic Security
      YouTube · 273 views · 15 mo
    • Video: Mitch Joel, Author, Podcaster "Six Pixels of Separation" On Podcasting
      YouTube · 71 views · 20 mo
    • Benny Tests Outward Hound Doggy Blocks Spinner Puzzle Dog Toy
      YouTube · 82 views · 45 mo
    • Stephens Elementary School Virtual Field Trip Summary
      YouTube · 55 views · 69 mo

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