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Top questions
Why isn't my Bing Rewards credit balance increasing when I search?
Your credit balance may stop increasing because:
  • You've signed out of Bing Rewards.
  • You've completed your daily search and earn offers.
  • You're using InPrivate Browsing in Internet Explorer or an equivalent mode in another browser. To turn off InPrivate Browsing close and re-open Internet Explorer.
  • You may be part of a Bing Rewards limited-time trial and need to sign in to Bing Rewards to keep earning credits:
    • If you have a Bing Rewards account, sign in to your account to end the trial.
    • If you don't have a Bing Rewards account, and want to keep earning credits, join Bing Rewards. Your trial credits can only be transferred to your account if you join within the trial experience.
  • You're traveling outside of the US.
If you need further assistance, contact Bing Rewards Support.
How do I earn credits when I search on my mobile device?
I'm not a US resident, can I still join Bing Rewards?
No, only U.S. residents (50 U.S. States and D.C.) are eligible to join Bing Rewards. Also, you can't earn or redeem credits when you're traveling outside of the US.
Why do you need my phone number?
We ask for your phone number when you join and, occasionally, when you redeem credits for a reward to help prevent and reduce incidents of fraud. You’ll need a mobile phone or land line number. VOIP numbers aren't permitted. We don't share your phone number with third parties or use it to contact you.
Are there restrictions on the number of accounts I can open?
As stated in the Bing Rewards Terms of Use, you may not maintain more than one Bing Rewards account and each household is limited to a total of five accounts.
What happens when I transfer my Bing Rewards account so I sign in with a Microsoft account instead of Facebook?
  • If you transfer your account to a new Bing Rewards account that you sign into with a Microsoft account, we’ll move all of your credits, order history, status, invited friends, reward goal, etc. to your new account.
  • If you already have a Bing Rewards account that you sign into with a Microsoft account you’ll need to transfer to that account. We’ll add the credits you’ve earned in the account you sign into with Facebook to the credits in your existing Bing Rewards account that’s associated with a Microsoft account. Your status, order history, etc. will not move.
Why can't I sign in to my Bing Rewards account?
If you can’t sign in or don't see your Bing Rewards dashboard after trying to sign in, please contact Bing Rewards Support.
Why was my order cancelled?
Orders can be cancelled for a number of reasons. Please contact Bing Rewards Support.
What happens to the information I provide?
To find out how Microsoft uses and protects the information you provide, see the Bing and MSN Privacy Statement.
Getting started
What is Bing Rewards and how does it work?
Bing Rewards lets you earn credits for searching on Bing or trying new features from Bing or other Microsoft products and services. Bing Rewards credits can be redeemed for a variety of gift cards and other rewards. Join Bing Rewards.
How do I join Bing Rewards?
There are three ways to join Bing Rewards:
  1. Go to (using Internet Explorer 7 or later, or the latest version of Firefox, Chrome or Safari) and sign up. Visit your dashboard to find out how to start earning credits. Use the Bing Rewards credit counter, in the top-right corner of any page, to see your available credit balance.
  2. Download and install Bing Bar on your PC. Click on the Bing Rewards button to join. The Bing Rewards credit counter on the Bing Bar shows you how many credits you've earned.
  3. On a mobile device, go to in your default web browser and sign up. Earn credits by taking advantage of offers in your dashboard, such as using Bing to search the web on your device.
Are there any age restrictions on participating?
You must be 13 or older to join Bing Rewards. Check your Microsoft account to make sure your birthdate and age are correct.
What info is needed to sign up for Bing Rewards?
To sign up for Bing Rewards you need to have a Microsoft account. You can use an existing Microsoft account or create a new one. Information related to your participation in Bing Rewards, including the number of searches you do, is stored in connection with the Microsoft account you sign in with. You must also provide your true first and last name, a complete and accurate mailing address (PO Boxes are not accepted), a working phone number, and email address.
Do I need to buy anything to join Bing Rewards?
No, you don't need to buy anything and there are no fees.
What is the Bing Rewards credit counter and where can I find it?
The Bing Rewards credit counter shows your available credit balance. Depending on where you're searching and earning, you can see your balance:
  • Web: In the upper-right corner of any page
  • Bing Bar: On the Bing Rewards ribbon
  • Mobile: On your Bing Rewards dashboard
How do I redeem my credits for rewards?
As soon as you've accumulated enough credits, go to the redemption center, choose your reward, and complete the checkout process.
Who can I contact if I have questions or want more information?
If this FAQ doesn't answer your questions, contact Bing Rewards Support.
Where can I leave suggestions to make Bing Rewards better?
You can click "Feedback" on almost every page—in the footer or the lower-right corner—including this one. Include #rewards in your comment so we’ll be sure to see it. Unfortunately, we can't respond to the feedback we receive.
Earning with Bing Rewards
How do I earn credits?
To earn credits, just search on Bing. For more ways to earn and discover more about Bing:
Searches on Bing Maps, Bing blogs, and Bing Help don't earn credits.
How do I know I'm earning credits?
Watch your Bing Rewards credit balance increase as you search and when you take advantage of offers that earn you credits.
How many rewards can I earn?
Microsoft may limit the quantity of credits or rewards per person, per household, or over a set period (e.g. per day). Any limits on rewards per person or per household will be reflected in the Redemption Center.
Can I earn credits by referring my friends to Bing Rewards?
Check your Bing Rewards dashboard or credit counter for the Invite friends offer. If it's available, read the offer description for information about how you earn credits.
How do I temporarily stop earning credits?
Sign out of Bing Rewards to temporarily stop earning credits. In the upper-right corner of any page, click your name, and then click "Sign out". You can also clear your browser’s cookies to sign out.
How does the monthly bonus credits offer work?
If you have the monthly bonus credits offer, complete the specified number of qualifying searches in the calendar month that it appeared. Qualifying searches are searches that count towards credits. These include your PC search and Mobile search offers and your daily limits for those apply. Once you complete the required number of searches you’ll see a “Congratulations” offer for your bonus credits in your dashboard. Be sure to click on the “Congratulations” offer to receive your bonus credits!
Your Bing Rewards Account
I signed up for Bing Rewards with a Facebook account that has been closed. What should I do?
If your Facebook account is closed, you can no longer participate in Bing Rewards with that account. Join Bing Rewards again and use a Microsoft account to sign up.
I have two Bing Rewards accounts, one I sign into with my Microsoft account and the other I sign into with my Facebook account. Is that OK?
No, per the Bing Rewards Terms of Use, you can only have one Bing Rewards account! You should close the account associated with your Facebook account by taking the following steps because shortly we will no longer support Facebook sign-in:

  1. Redeem all of your available credits in your Bing Rewards account that you sign into with Facebook.
  2. On, click your credit counter.
  3. After you receive your reward, opt out of Bing Rewards. If you opt out before that, your reward order will be cancelled and your credits balance will be lost.
How do I stop participating in Bing Rewards?
Follow the directions on the opt out page. If you do opt out, you’ll lose your available credits. Please consider redeeming your credits first.
My Bing Rewards account is in "trial" mode. How do I return to the full program?
Sign in to your Bing Rewards account to exit a trial and return to the full program.
I've ordered a reward. How and when will I receive it?
Rewards are sent to the email address you confirmed when you redeemed. If the order is in accordance with the Bing Rewards Terms of Use, your reward will usually be sent within 24 hours unless it requires further review, or the particular Reward you ordered is in limited quantities, backordered, or out of stock, or unless the redemption center states a different schedule or our redemption center or the Bing Rewards program is experiencing technical problems. If you have a question about an order, contact Bing Rewards Support.
I redeemed credits for a sweepstakes entry. How do I know if I won?
On each sweepstakes entry page, there’s a link to the terms and conditions for the sweepstakes, including how and when winners will be notified. After we notify the winners directly, we'll post their names on the Recent Sweepstakes Winners page.
How do I check the order status of recent redemptions?
To check your order status, you can view your account statement. If you have further questions, contact Bing Rewards Support.
Can I return or exchange my reward?
No, all redemptions are final after you confirm an order.
Why does it say I’m under age 13?
If you are seeing this in error, your Microsoft account may have an incorrect birthdate. Go to your Microsoft account to view and edit your information.
Why does it say my phone number is not valid?
This error appears if your phone number is entered in an unexpected or invalid format. Use this format to enter your phone number: (123) 5550199.
When will my selected non-profit organization receive my donation?
After your donation is processed and determined to be in compliance with the Bing Rewards Terms of Use, Microsoft will make at least a quarterly donation on your behalf to the non-profit organization you have selected. The donation made by Microsoft to the non-profit will be comprised of the total amount contributed by all Bing Rewards members to that organization, including the total amount you selected to donate in the redemption center during the preceding quarter. Microsoft shall make such payment to non-profit organizations of Microsoft’s choosing on your behalf if: (i) the non-profit organization you choose is no longer available at the redemption center when the payment is made; or (ii) the aggregated cash donation for your non-profit organization at the time the payment is made is under $10.
Bing Rewards Status
What are the Bing Rewards status levels?
Bing Rewards has three status levels: Member, Silver, and Gold. Everyone starts with Member status. As you meet the requirements for Silver and Gold status, you earn that status and get extra perks.
Where do I see my status?
Check your Bing Rewards dashboard, your Rewards credit counter or the Status page.
How do I earn Silver and Gold status and what are the benefits?
Go to the Status page for info about the perks and requirements for each level.
What are "Lifetime" credits and what's the difference between them and "Available" credits?
Lifetime credits are the total number of credits that you've earned since joining Bing Rewards. Available credits are the number of credits you can redeem for rewards.
When do I get my one-time bonus for earning Silver status?
You'll automatically get the one-time bonus when you complete the Silver status requirements.
Can I lose my Silver status?
You can't lose Silver status. However, you can't transfer it to a new account. If you close your Bing Rewards account and rejoin later, you'll start at Member status again.
Can I lose my Gold status?
You can move back to Silver status if you don't meet the monthly Gold status search requirement. To see the monthly search requirement, go to the Status page.
Which searches count towards my monthly Gold threshold?
Troubleshooting Bing Rewards
My credit balance doesn't look right. How do I verify that it's correct?
Sign out of Bing Rewards, and then sign back in with the account that you used when you joined Bing Rewards. If the credit balance still doesn’t look right, contact Bing Rewards Support.
Why is my Bing Rewards credit counter missing?
Your credit counter may be missing because you recently cleared your browser cookies. Your Rewards credit counter should reappear the next time you sign in to Bing Rewards.
I signed out of Bing Rewards, why do I still see my Rewards credit counter?
The info in your credit counter is saved in a cookie. To stop seeing the credit counter, clear your browser cookies.
Why aren't my Bing Rewards credits showing up in my counter?
To see your credit balance and daily offers, sign in to Bing Rewards. If you still don't see your balance, contact Bing Rewards Support.
What is "VOIP" and which toll-free numbers are excluded for confirmation use?
As explained in the Terms of Use, for fraud prevention, you may also be required to enter a code we can send to your mobile, home or work phone number. For operational and security reasons, we exclude Voice Over Internet Protocol ("VOIP") and toll-free numbers. Excluded toll-free numbers include, but are not limited to, those with dialing prefixes 800, 888, 877, and 866.
My friend joined Bing Rewards. Why didn’t I earn credits for it?
To earn credit for inviting a friend, your friend must join before the offer expires, use the link you shared with them, and meet any other conditions of the offer. If your friend followed those steps and you haven't reached your maximum number of invites, your account will be credited within 24 hours. In the event the offer ends, your friend will have 60 days to join and reach Silver status in order for you to earn the credits offered.
Bing Rewards and Windows Phone 8 and 8.1
On Windows Phone 8.1, how can I earn credits for searching on Bing?
  • If the Microsoft account connected with your phone is the same one you use to sign in to Bing Rewards, then you’re probably already earning credits when you search on your phone. See How can I tell if I’m earning credits for searching on Bing.
  • To connect your phone to your Microsoft account, go to Settings, tap email+accounts and then tap add an account. Add the Microsoft account you use to sign in to your Bing Rewards account.
I sign in to Bing Rewards with a Facebook account. How can I earn credits for searching on Bing on my Windows Phone 8.1?
You need to connect Cortana with your Facebook account. In the App list, tap Settings, swipe over to applications, and then tap Cortana. Tap sign in to Facebook and sign in with the Facebook account that you use to sign in to your Bing Rewards account.
I use different Microsoft accounts for Windows Phone and Bing Rewards. What should I do?
Go to the Redemption center and redeem your credits. After you receive your reward, opt out of Bing Rewards. If you opt out before that, your reward orders will be cancelled and your credits will be lost. Then sign up for a new Bing Rewards account using the Microsoft account connected with your Windows Phone. Gold or Silver status doesn’t transfer—if you had it you’ll need to earn it again.
Can I earn credits using Windows Phone 8?
  • If you sign in to Bing Rewards with a Microsoft account, you can earn credits for searching on Bing.
  • If you sign in to Bing Rewards with a Facebook account, you’ll need to upgrade your Windows Phone to 8.1.
How can I tell if I’m earning credits for searching on Bing?
Download the Bing Rewards app or go to, and check your credit balance. Next, complete one of the available earn and explore offers or use Bing to do a few searches. In the Bing Rewards app or on your dashboard, your credit balance should have increased. If not, contact Bing Rewards Support using your PC.
I’m not earning credits when I search on my Windows Phone 8. What do I need to do?
To earn Bing Rewards credits on your Windows Phone 8, turn on personalized suggestions.

Step 1: On your Windows Phone 8 Start screen, tap the search icon.
Step 2: Tap "..." on the Bing homepage.
Step 3: Tap settings.
Step 4: Tap suggestions. If needed, sign in with your Microsoft account.
Step 5: Tap yes to turn on personalized suggestions.
Bing Rewards on MSN
Can I earn credits when I use MSN?
When you’re signed in to Bing Rewards and search the web with Bing on MSN you can earn credits and those searches count towards your daily search limit. Also, we'll occasionally have daily offers on the dashboard and the Bing Rewards credit counter to explore MSN.
Bing Rewards and Bing Bar
What is the Bing Bar?
The Bing Bar is a toolbar for Internet Explorer that allows you to search, connect with Facebook, sign up to earn rewards, and experience other cool features. Find out more here.
What are the system requirements for Bing Bar?
For info about the Bing Bar system requirements, go to the Bing Bar download page.
I've installed the Bing Bar on multiple computers. Can I sign in to Bing Rewards on all of them?
Yes! See How do I join Bing Rewards. If an offer has a daily maximum, you'll earn the combined total from multiple computers, up to the daily maximum.
I share a computer with someone else. Can we both use the Bing Bar to earn Rewards credits?
Sorry, the Bing Bar can only be associated with one Bing Rewards account per computer. Two people on the same computer can't both use the Bing Bar to earn Rewards credits.
Two people sharing a computer can both earn Bing Rewards credits when they search on, See How do I join Bing Rewards. Each person must use a browser that meets the Bing Rewards requirements and sign in to Bing Rewards before searching on
Troubleshooting Bing Rewards and Bing Bar
Why can't I install the Bing Bar?
Make sure your computer meets the Bing Bar system requirements. If you still can't install the Bing Bar contact Bing Rewards Support.
What if I have problems with the Bing Bar?
Contact Bing Rewards Support if you're experiencing issues using the Bing Bar with the Rewards program.
How do I enable the Bing Bar in my browser?
Go to Bing Bar Help for instructions to enable the Bing Bar.
Why is the Bing Bar not showing in my browser?
Sometimes, other software you install can disable toolbars in your browser. For instructions on how to enable it again, see the Bing Bar Help. If it still doesn't appear, try downloading the Bing Bar again. If that doesn't work, contact Bing Rewards Support.
How do I uninstall the Bing Bar?
Uninstalling the Bing Bar won't close your Bing Rewards account. To stop participating in Bing Rewards, see How do I stop participating in Bing Rewards. Go to Bing Bar Help for instructions on uninstalling the Bing Bar.
Why do I get this error message 'There was an error retrieving the latest data…'?
Try the following:
  1. Make sure you're connected to the internet.
  2. Make sure your Worldwide setting is United States - English.
  3. Download and install the latest version of the Bing Bar.
  4. On the Bing Bar, click Rewards.

Bing Bar will try to retrieve your Bing Rewards account data again.
Why am I seeing a red exclamation (!) where my Bing Rewards credits used to be?
You need to click the link on Bing Bar or go to
Bing Rewards and Bing in the Classroom
How can my school participate in Bing in the Classroom and benefit from ad-free, safer, and more private search?
Go to Bing in the Classroom to learn more about the program.
How do I donate my credits towards a Surface with Type Cover for a particular school?
If you have at least 50 credits, go to Bing Rewards redemption center and select either the 50 or 500 credit Bing in the Classroom reward. On the reward description page, enter your school’s 5 digit ZIP Code, select the school name, and then click Donate.
Why isn't my school on the list?
We get our list of K-12 public and private schools from the NCES. If the school you’re looking for is on their list, but isn't on the Bing in the Classroom list, contact Bing Rewards Support.
How many credits has my school earned?
To see how many credits have been donated, how many Surfaces have been earned, and how close your school is to earning its next Surface, go to and enter the school name or ZIP Code.
How many credits does my school need to receive a Surface?
A school needs 30,000 Rewards credits to get 1 Surface with Type Cover.
When will my school’s Surface be sent?
We will ship the Surface with Type Cover within 2 months of your school earning 30,000 credits.
It’s been more than 2 months since my school qualified for a Surface, but we haven’t received it yet. Where is it?
Can I donate less than 50 credits to my school?
No, the minimum donation is 50 credits.
My school doesn't want to receive Surface bundles. Can we opt out of this part of the Bing in the Classroom program?
The school administrator can opt out. If you're the school administrator contact Bing Rewards Support.
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