500 credits towards free Surface bundles for your school500credits
500 credits towards free Surface bundles for your school

Bing Rewards now allows people to choose a school to support with their Rewards credits. Here's how it works:

1. Donate your Bing Rewards credits to help the school of your choice get a Surface 32GB with a black Type Cover 2. Select the school below from eligible K-12 schools. It's a great way to get powerful touch-enabled tablets into the hands of students. In addition to cutting-edge hardware specs, Surface comes with many apps and services that will help students learn. Made with VaporMg, the Surface is built tough and is a delight to touch. The best of Microsoft comes together on Surface.

2. Make your donation go further by encouraging fellow parents and family members to donate their own Bing Rewards credits to get additional Surface devices for your school. When your school has 30,000 credits, we'll ship a Surface bundle to your school within 2 months. If about 60 parents participate in Bing Rewards for a month, they can earn enough credits for a Surface. About 125 parents participating for a year can earn enough credits for Surface devices for an entire classroom. See your school's page and credit balance.

3. In addition to this offer, Microsoft is doing more to improve technology in the classroom. Bing in the Classroom offers ad-free search results, with enhanced adult filtering and privacy protections, and easy activities to help kids learn search skills. To find out more about Bing in the Classroom and learn additional ways to get involved, go to www.bing.com/classroom.

4. Check out bing.com/findyourschool to see how many credits have been donated to your school, how many Surfaces have been earned, and more.

Terms: Microsoft reserves the right to substitute a comparable product in the event that the advertised item is unavailable for this Bing Rewards offering for any reason. Bing reserves the right to modify or cancel this program at any time. In such an event, any points redeemed prior to cancellation that have not accrued to the 30,000 credits needed to earn a Surface tablet for a particular school, will be donated to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. Read more in the product details.