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Terms of Use and Privacy Statement

To provide the Rewards program, record your points, protect against fraud and to improve Bing, the information described below may be stored in association with your Rewards account:

  • Information about your searches, but not the search terms;
  • Your interaction with Bing and different search engines, including the number of web searches you do each day, the types of searches you complete, such as for news or images, and the number of search ads you click on.

  • Microsoft Rewards may use the data collected through the Rewards program including the redemption center and information collected and associated with your Microsoft account, to customize your Microsoft Rewards experience. To protect against fraud and violations of the Microsoft Rewards Terms of Use, we may also detect various applications or software that are installed on your computer and collect non-identifiable information about your computer. If applications or software that violates this contract is detected on your computer, you will not receive prizes and points will not be donated. When you sign up, you'll also get email reminders, tips, information about Microsoft Rewards and also the Bing Newsletter. You can unsubscribe at any time.

    I accept the Microsoft Rewards Terms of Use and have read the Microsoft Online Privacy Statement.