1. ba·shaw
    bashaws (plural noun)
    1. another term for pasha.
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    Define bashaw. bashaw synonyms, bashaw pronunciation, bashaw translation, English dictionary definition of bashaw. n. A pasha. n 1. a rare spelling of pasha 2. an important or pompous person n., pl. -shas. a former title placed after the name of high officials in...

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    At the entrance he encountered the bashaw, who had discovered his loss.

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    Welcome to William H. Bashaw Elementary School. Skip to Content All locations Change ...

  5. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bashaw,_Alberta

    Bashaw / ˈ b æ ʃ ɔː / is a town in central Alberta located at the junction of Highway 21 and Highway 53.. The community has the name of Eugene Bashaw

    • Population: 830
    • Region: Central Alberta
    • Elevation: 793 m (2,602 ft)
    • Country: Canada
  6. www.townofbashaw.com

    April 4, 2018. The Town of Bashaw will be conducting a spring clean-up of additional household garbage, old appliances, furniture, garden refuse, etc. from MAY 7 – 10, 2018.

  7. jamesebashaw.com

    Financial Advisement & Management at it's best. James E. Bashaw and Co is a Houston based financial services firm. Our mission and guiding philosophy is to provide the highest quality private banking services to families

  8. https://www.bashawstar.com

    Providing news, weather, obituaries and classifieds to Bashaw, Ponoka and Central Alberta. Published once a week by Black Press.