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  1. insights at your fingertips. - Mention

    WebMention enables brands and agencies to monitor the web, listen to their audience and manage social media. Start your free trial No credit card required 14 days free Cancel anytime Monitor Pin-point important conversations. Easily monitor over 1 billion sources across the web daily, including press articles, review sites, forums, and blogs. Listen

  2. Mention Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster

    Webmen· tion ˈmen (t)-shən. Synonyms of mention. 1. : the act or an instance of citing or calling attention to someone or something especially in a casual or incidental manner. There …

  3. MENTION | English meaning - Cambridge Dictionary

    Webmention verb [ T ] us / ˈmen·tʃən / to speak about someone or something, esp. briefly and without giving much detail: [ + (that) clause ] Has he mentioned (that) he’s leaving his …

  4. 81 Synonyms & Antonyms of MENTION - Merriam-Webster

    WebDefinition of mention 1 as in to notice to make reference to or speak about briefly but specifically you only mentioned in passing some of your accomplishments Synonyms & Similar Words Relevance notice cite specify note indicate quote indicate name suggest instance explain introduce imply announce intend infer clarify advert (to) touch (on or upon)

  5. Mention - definition of mention by The Free Dictionary

    Web1. to refer to or speak about briefly or incidentally. 2. to acknowledge or honour. 3. not to mention something to say nothing of something too obvious to mention. n. 4. a recognition or acknowledgment. 5. a slight reference or allusion: he only got a mention in the article; the author makes no mention of that.

  6. Mention Definition & Meaning | Britannica Dictionary

    Web: to refer to or suggest (someone) as having a possible role or status He's being mentioned as a possible candidate. [=people are saying that he is a possible candidate] don't mention it — used to answer someone who has just thanked you for something “Thank you so much for your help.” “ Don't mention it. It was the least I could do.” not to mention

  7. Social Media Monitoring Tools: Track Your Brand On Every Platform - Mention

    WebMention lets you find influencers to spread the word, and join conversations you'd otherwise never know existed. Join conversations to build trust Once you’ve grown a community, keep fuelling it. Create trust through conversations. Social media monitoring software helps you find conversations your customers, promoters, and readers have anywhere.

  8. MENTION Synonyms: 71 Synonyms & Antonyms for MENTION

    WebSee definition of mention on noun referral, observation verb refer to synonyms for mention Compare Synonyms acknowledgment comment footnote indication notice notification recognition reference remark utterance allusion citation naming note specifying tribute See also synonyms for: mentioned / mentioning / mentions / unmentioned

  9. Use @mentions in work items and pull requests - Azure DevOps

    WebNov 11, 2022 · Using the people picker of the @mention control, you can select a project member or group from the search list, and they'll receive an email notifying them of your comment. For organizations that manage their users and groups using Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), people pickers support searching all users and groups added to …

  10. mention | translation French to English: Cambridge Dictionary

    Webmention translations: mention, note, mention, honors, distinction, honours, honors, mention. Learn more in the Cambridge French-English Dictionary.