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Dunstanburgh Castle, England
Situated on a Northumberland headland and bounded on o…Situated on a Northumberland headland and bounded on one side by sea cliffs, Dunstanburgh Castle was built in the early 14th century for Thomas, the Earl of Lancaster , an English nobleman who at that time was the second-wealthiest man in England–only his cousin, King Edward II , held more riches. It's thought that Thomas made just a single visit to his fortress castle, in 1319. Due to its position not far from the border of Scotland, Dunstanburgh Castle was the site of several fierce battles. After the Union of the Crowns brought relative peace to the region in the early 17th century, the castle began its slow but inevitable decline. While the strategic value of Dunstanburgh Castle is long gone, its power to stir the imagination remains.Read more
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