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This form is solely for reporting copyright infringement in algorithmic (non-paid) links appearing in Bing, or provided by Bing via Yahoo, and Bing’s image search index (e.g., ) or video search index (e.g., ).
NOTE: Bing accepts submissions only from a copyright owner or a copyright owner’s authorized agent pursuant to the U.S. Digital Millennium Copyright Act.
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Please note that the photographer, and not the subject of the photo, is generally the copyright owner of the photograph unless the rights to the work have been transferred. You may report removal requests for nude or sexually explicit photos or videos that have been posted or shared without your consent here
Title of work (if applicable)
Authorized example of copyrighted work
Page specific URL where we can view the work (if available online, e.g.,
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Please provide a detailed description of the work and/or upload an example of the work so that we can identify it. If you are reporting infringement of multiple works, please submit a different notice for each work.
You may upload a file containing your copyrighted work:
To upload multiple attachments, please click 'Choose file' and press 'Ctrl' to select files
Supported file formats (.pdf, .txt, .docx, .msg, .xlsx, .xls), 10MB maximum.
Location of the infringing material
URL(s) you are asking us to remove *
Images have 2 URLs:
  1. Source Page URL (webpage that is/was using the image. The original page where the image is found.)
  2. Source Image URL (typically a .jpg and cannot be an http://tse or URL because these pertain to search results and are not the original location where the image resides.)
Follow the steps below to provide both the Source Page URL and the Source Image URL:
  • Find the image you want removed within Bing Image Search using the same search terms you initially used to generate the image search results.
  • Click on your specific image.
  • While viewing the image you’ve just clicked on, search for and click on the hyperlink, which should be located somewhere near the image on the page. This will take you to the website which sources the image. The hyperlink may include a small globe icon and may include a website with a “.com” suffix. This is the hyperlink you will need to click on. This URL is the Source Page URL.
  • Click on the actual image and it will open up a new page containing only the image. The link in the address bar at the top of your search engine page (typically a .jpg) is the Source Image URL.
  • Provide both the Source Page URL and matching Source Image URL for each image claimed to be infringed.
IMPORTANT NOTE: We can only remove content if we have the URLs for the Source Page and matching Source Image where the content resides. We cannot remove content if we are provided with URLs containing or http://tse because these pertain to search results and are not the original location where the image resides. If this is what you are coming up with for the source image URL, you will need to go to your original query that brought up the image to find the correct source image URL.
URL(s) you are asking us to remove *
Page specific URL where the copyright is infringed (e.g., and not the homepage URL (e.g.,
Bulk Submission
Alternatively, you may upload a file containing a bulk submission:
Supported file formats (.txt), 1000 URLs maximum. Supported file format is tab separated. The first column is the URL of the page containing the image (Source Page URL), second column is the URL of the image (Source Image URL). Max size 1000 lines
To help us better locate the work (e.g., if it is incorporated into another work), please provide additional information if appropriate.
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I understand that the information submitted in this form may be shared with third parties or the public, including the alleged infringer about whom I am filing this complaint.
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