How to Add Users to Your Site in Webmaster Tools

You can add users to your website in Webmaster Tools and grant them different levels of permissions.

Bing Webmaster Tools supports the following roles:

  • Read Only: allows those with this level of permission to see all features and reports within an account, but they cannot change settings or add users themselves
  • Read/Write: allows those with this level of permission to access and control almost all features within the webmaster account. Users with this level of access cannot add users themselves.
  • Administrator: allows those with this level of permission to control all features and functions, including adding and delegating new users.
Add and Delegate Users You can find the Users management console under the Configure My Site section in the navigation pane inside Webmaster Tools.

The new user needs to sign up on Bing Webmaster Tools using Microsoft, Facebook or Gmail account. Once the new user has signed up, the administrator can add him as a new user by following the steps below -

  1. Enter their Microsoft, Gmail or the email associated with Facebook account in the Email field
  2. In the URL field, enter or modify the URL you want to provide the new user permissions for
  3. In the Role drop down menu, select which permission you want to grant the new user
  4. Since you are delegating permissions using your own key, the Key field is automatically set to your own key, as you are the original administrator
  5. Click Add to add the user they will be added to the list below

It is always a good idea to have multiple Administrators for corporate accounts. This protects the integrity of the account should one of the Administrators take on a new job or leave the company. Keep in mind that Administrators as well as Read/Write roles can block crawling and indexation of your website.