Keyword Research

Keyword research is a fundamental first step in understanding what content to create. This work allows you to see which phrases searchers enter queries for, and in what volumes. This can help you determine what content to produce as you will know if there are enough people searching on the topic you were thinking of focusing on.

Data from this tool, which can be found in the Reports & Data section, can also be used to help plan which areas of content to expand into next. The information shown in the report is primarily focused on matching your request directly, but also displays information for phrases related to those you requested. Thus requesting information on dog beds will also show information on related phrases such as large dog beds, pet beds, dog beds for large dogs, etc.

Keyword Research

“Organic” Search Data

This tool uses organic (=unpaid) keyword volume data from Bing to help webmasters understand the relative popularity of terms. In fact, the Bing Keyword Research tool is the only tool from a search engine that is based on organic keyword data.


You can select multiple countries in the same language now: for example Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom combined with English. In addition, you can filter by date ranges (going back up to 6 months) and also filter by language or region.

Clicking on a phrase refines the research data round that phrase and reruns the request in the tool. Clicking any column title sorts the data either alphabetically (for keywords) or by number.

You may specify if you want the results request to be strictly related to your phrase. If you select this option, it will filter the results to show you only query volumes explicit to the keyword or phrase, excluding phrases which may include the original keyword. For example, if you type in cars, and leave the Strict checkbox unselected, the total query volume shown for the phrase cars shows an aggregate number inclusive of all phrases containing the word cars. Selecting Strict shows you only the exact query data for cars, exclusive of other phrases which may contain the word cars.