Claim Review

If your page has a review of a claim made by others you can include a ClaimReview structured data element. This allows Bing to consider showing an annotation when the page appears that summarizes the outcome of your fact check.

When this markup is used it is important that the underlying page:

  1. Contains claims and fact checks that are easily identifiable
  2. Citations and references should be present and transparent
  3. The tag must be representative of the fact checking done within the article

Marking it up

The full documentation for the Claim review tag can be found here.

The following fields represent the minimum information required to be present




Summary of the claim under review


Value of the rating


Highest possible rating


Lowest possible rating


Display name of the rating

Author of the original claim


Author of the fact check


When fact check was published

Sites which misuse this markup may among other things incur ranking penalties, have markup ignored, or not be selected for the index. For more information on abusive and other inappropriate behaviors to avoid, and the effects this can have on you and your web site, please see our webmaster guidelines. In addition, if you or someone you know learns that a site is engaging in abusive or inappropriate behaviors such as those described in our webmaster guidelines, we encourage that such behaviors be reported to us using the feedback link which can be found on the footer.