Markup Validator

The Markup Validator tool can be found under Diagnostics & Tools in the navigation menu. The purpose of this tool is to help you understand if you have implemented your selected structured markup language in a way which allows Bing to read the information properly.

This tool can be used on any URL to view the special markup applied in the page's source code. The markup languages are recognized by this tool are the following:

Understanding the Output

If the markup has been applied correctly in the code of the scanned page, we will show the markup in a report below the input space. Markup Validator

Using the Markup Validator Tool

To use the tool, simply input the URL of the page you would like to check and click Validate. If the markup is used incorrectly or if does not exist, you will be asked to check the page for compliant code: Markup Validator - No Data Clicking on a Resources link takes the webmaster to the site dedicated to each markup language where they can research the correct use of that language.

Note: Markup Validator checks only for the above-mentioned formats. It does not validate your page's "regular" HTML. To your check page's HTML you can use a service such as