Page Mobile Friendliness

Bing Webmaster Tools now offers Mobile Friendliness reports of your sites’ pages based on a set of Mobile Friendliness best practices ( listed here ). You can find this information by clicking on Page Mobile Friendliness, found under the Reports & Data section in the navigation menu. The Reports are generated automatically every other week and be available through your webmaster account. Using the same set of best practices as the on-demand Mobile Friendliness Test Tool , we create reports for all sites listed in your webmaster account. Our system takes care of scanning the top pages of the your sites (that appear in our index) and reporting automatically. Page Mobile Friendliness Along with the detailed page report, you can check the summary report on the Reports & Data dashboard Page Mobile Friendliness Summary

The Page Mobile Friendliness feature scans your page for mobile friendliness from the page present in our index but not in real time. For real time mobile friendliness check, please use the Mobile Friendliness Test Tool. Since the results of the two feature are from pages at different points of time, they may show contradictory results.