Reports & Data

The Reports & Data section contains tools that give you data and reports from Bing about your website. The Reports & Data page itself, which you can access by clicking Reports & Data in the navigation menu, provides you with a quick overview of site activity and other sources of data nicely lined up on a single page for quick access.

Site Activity Chart

At the top of the page, you find the Site Activity chart which shows you the graphical trend for the following metrics for date range that has been selected in the Date Selector at the top of the page:

  • Clicks from Search - the number of clicks your site received
  • Appeared in Search - the number of impressions your site received
  • Pages Crawled - the number of pages we crawled
  • Crawl Errors - the number of crawl errors we encounted
  • Total Pages Indexed - the total number of pages from your site in the index

When hovering over the lines in the chart, you see the selected data points for that particular moment in time.

Reports and Data Chart

Additional Widgets

In addition to the line chart, the Reports & Data page contains several widgets that show data from their respective full-size tools in a compact form and offer a link to drill down deeper into the details. These include

  •  Page Traffic: Quick overview your top pages in terms of search impressions and clicks
  • Search Keywords: Quick overview of your top keywords in terms of search impressions and clicks with a link to the full details
  • Page Mobile Friendliness: Discover which areas of your site may need work to comply with best practices for mobile friendliness
  • SEO Reports: Discover which areas of your site may need work to comply with SEO best practices
  • Crawl Information: Status of your URLs from Bingbot's last crawl and issues we encountered when crawling your site