How to use SEO Analyzer

With approximately 15 SEO best practices in place, SEO Analyzer will scan any URL you enter from one of your verified domains and build a report to let you know if the page scanned is in or out of compliance with each of these SEO best practices.

Using SEO Analyzer

The SEO Analyzer tool can be found in the Diagnostics & Tools section in the navigation menu. As opposed to SEO Reports which provide you with bulk reports for your entire site, SEO Analyzer is an on-demand tool which can scan a single page at a time, making it great for checking new pages to understand where more work may be required. Simply type in the URL you want scanned and click Analyze. The tool fetches the page from you site, analyzes the page against our best practices and displays a compliance report in seconds. SEO Analyzer

Understanding the Report

Once SEO Analyzer has downloaded and analyzed your page, you will see the following elements:

  • The near side of the page displays the SEO Suggestions based on items we found out of compliance. Items marked in red are high priority, yellow means medium priority, and blue means low priority.
  • The Error Count tells you how many items for that particular suggestion have been found on the scanned page.
  • Clicking on any of the Description filters to showcase only warning “buttons” associated with the SEO Suggestion selected.
  • The Analyzed pane shows a view of the site with each of compliance items noted where they reside on the scanned page. They are denoted by the red “orb” with the + in the middle.
  • Hovering on any button will expand the button to explain the issue at that location. Clicking Expand within the text box will expand the box to show the full explanation for the flag. Click the – symbol in the button to collapse the text box.
  • Clicking Clear Selection removes the filters and displays the page view with all buttons present.
  • Selecting Page Source across the top of the page viewing window on the right side will display the page code we found when scanning the page. When in Page Source, you can use the up and down-pointing arrows to navigate to the next or previous issue we highlighted in the page’s source code.
  • Selecting Original simply shows the page we scanned as it would appear on the web.

Bypassing Robots.txt

It’s important to know that unlike Bingbot, SEO Analyzer will ignore any robots.txt directives in place for your site and fetch the page. This allows you to check pages that you may not want to be crawled by our normal crawler yet.


If SEO Analyzer encounters redirects while trying to reach the page you submitted, it will follow the redirect and will alert you to those redirects below the SEO Suggestions with an explanation of the status code for each hop.