Message Center


The Message Center in Bing Webmaster Tools contains all alerts and messages that you have received from Bing.  You can open the Message Center in the Messages section in the navigation menu as well as from the Messages link at the top of each page inside Webmaster Tools.

Tip: To stay on top of issues, we recommend you set up your email preferences to receive daily digests delivered to your email inbox. You will get a digest of all new and unread messages in your inbox, organized by site.

Filtering Messages by Site

If you are managing multiple sites within your account and you have received messages for more than one site, you can filter your messages by site using the Filter by site drop-down and selecting a site.

Message Types

There are different types of messages that Bing can send to the Message Center:

  • Administrator: messages send to you by the administrator about changes to the service
  • Crawl errors: automatically generated messages about errors we encountered when crawling a site that is part of your Webmaster Tools account
  • Index issues: automatically generated messages about indexation issues on a site that is part of your Webmaster Tools account
  • Malware: automatically generated alerts when we detect Malware on a site that is part of your Webmaster Tools account
  • Bing Ads: automatically generated messages about Bing Ads
You can filter by these types using the View drop-down box. High-priority alerts for a site will also be shown up in your site dashboard.

Deleting or Archiving Messages

To delete a message, select it by clicking the corresponding checkbox and click Delete. You can also send a current message to the Message Archive by selecting the message and clicking Archive. Archived messages can be accessed by clicking Archived item under the Messages section in the navigation menu.