How can I submit feedback about Bing Webmaster Tools?

Submitting feedback about Bing Webmaster Tools is really easy: look for the Feedback button at the bottom far side of each of the Webmaster Tools pages. This button looks something like this:

Feedback button at the bottom of the page

Now, follow these steps:

  • Click or tap the Feedback button and select the feedback type (suggestion, like, dislike) that most closely matches your feedback
  • Enter a brief description to let us know in your own words what your feedback is about. Avoid entering unnecessary personal information such as email addresses, addresses, or telephone numbers.
  • To point out an issue with a certain element or feature on the page, you can simply highlight this element by selecting it using your mouse or your touch screen. A red rectangle will appear around it.
  • Once you're done, click Send to send your feedback to Bing. Note that a screenshot of the screen you were on will be sent along with your feedback.
Bing cannot respond to individual feedback submissions and it not to be used for support inquiries, but Bing may use feedback data to help prioritize improvements to the Bing Webmaster Tools service. Please also read our Privacy statement and the Service Agreement