Request to Block Bing Search Results In Europe

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If you are a European resident and want to request that Microsoft block search results on Bing in response to searches on your name, please use this form.
We encourage you to provide complete and relevant information for each applicable question on this form. We will use the information that you provide to evaluate your request. We may also consider other sources of information beyond this form to verify or supplement the information you provide. This information will help us to consider the balance between your individual privacy interest and the public interest in protecting free expression and the free availability of information, consistent with European law. As a result, making a request does not guarantee that a particular search result will be blocked.
Note regarding minor children: If you are a minor, you may submit this form on your own. If you are a parent or legal guardian of a minor, you may submit this form on that minor’s behalf, in which case, all references to “you” or “your” will refer to the minor child.
Given the many questions that have been raised about how the recent ruling from the Court of Justice of the European Union should be implemented, this form and the related processes may change as additional guidance becomes available. Submissions may be reevaluated over time.
Part 1 - Your Identity, Residence and Contact Information
Your full legal name as it appears on the European ID document you will provide*
(The name you provide will be the name on which you are requesting the specified search results to be blocked. The name you provide may be your legal name or a name by which you are commonly known, but should match your European ID document.)
Your country of residence*
Please upload documentation that verifies the above information.
  • Include document(s) that verify your full legal name as entered above and your European country of residence.
  • If the name on which you are requesting search results to be blocked is a name other than your legal name, please include documentation verifying this is a name by which you are commonly known.
  • You may obscure any details on the documents that are not related to verifying your name, country of residence, or the validity of the document itself.
  • Documents need not be government-issued identification, but please be aware that we may not be able to respond to requests where the verification of this information is incomplete, inadequate or unreliable.
  • We will use this documentation only to verify the information you have provided on this form. We will delete the document you provide once your request has been resolved, except as required by law.
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An email address we can use to contact you about your request*
Part 2 - Your Role in Society or Your Community
Are you a public figure (politician, celebrity, etc.)?
Do you have a role or expect to have a role in your local community or more broadly that involves leadership, trust or safety (for example, teacher, clergy, community leader, police, doctor, etc.)?
If the answer to either question above is Yes or if you are unsure, please describe in detail the circumstances
Part 3 - The Requested Pages to Block
Add another URL
Part 4 - Important Information and Signature
By typing your name below (electronic signature), you represent that:
  • You are the individual named on this form (or are the parent or legal guardian of the minor child named).
  • The web page(s) you are requesting to block in response to searches on your name or that of a minor child relate to you or that minor child and not to any other person with the same or similar name.
  • The information you have provided is correct and accurate.
Please also note that the information you submit in this form may be shared with third parties, including the publisher of any web page we agree to block, and the Data Protection Authority or other governmental body in the relevant jurisdiction(s).

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