Classification: Inorganic compound
The Coulomb force is the force which keeps the molecule together.
  • Covalent compound (O,H are nonmetals)
  • Valence of O (O must form an octet): 6
  • Valence of H: 1
  • Total valence electrons: 8
  • Molar mass: 18.02 g/mol
  • has electronegativity , has electronegativity . Linus Pauling estimated that an electronegativity difference of 1.7 (on the Pauling scale) corresponds to 50% ionic character, so that a difference greater than 50% corresponds to a bond which is predominantly ionic.
  • Covalent bond– In covalent bonding the elements share electrons equally (approximately).
  • Ionic bond– In ionic bonding, one element loses electrons while the other gains these electrons, leaving the first element with a positive charge and the second with a negative charge.
  • Atomic radius: pm
  • Electronegativity:
  • Valence electrons:
  • must form an octet
  • ions can’t exceed the octet rule
  • Formal charge: = Valence - Non-bonded - Shared bonded