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What is URL Submission API?

Easy to plug-in API solution that websites can call to notify Bing whenever website contents is updated or created allowing instant crawling, indexing and discovery of your site content.

What is Content Submission API?

Easy to plug-in API solution that websites can call to directly send content to Bing whenever website contents is updated or created without waiting for bingbot crawl.

Explore the benefits of URL and Content Submission API​

Real time discovery and indexing of web pages are that most relevant to your website users.
Ability to ramp-up traffic from hundreds to millions of web pages with lesser dependency on organic crawling.
Get unified dashboard to see indexing stats and latency data for your submissions.

Submission APIs

Notify Bing when your page changes. Click here to see more information on API methods.
JSON request sample: 

POST /webmaster/api.svc/json/SubmitUrlbatch?​apikey=sampleapikeyEDECC1EA4AE341CC8B6 HTTP/1.1​
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8​
Host: ssl.bing.com​

"siteUrl":"http://yoursite.com", ​

JSON response sample:

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Length: 10
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8

XML request sample: 

POST /webmaster/api.svc/pox/SubmitUrlBatch?apikey=EEDECC1EA4AE341CC57365E075EBC8B6 HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/xml; charset=utf-8
Host: ssl.bing.com
<SubmitUrlBatch xmlns="http://schemas.datacontract.org/2004/07/Microsoft.Bing.Webmaster.Api">
<string xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/2003/10/Serialization/Arrays">http://example.com/url1</string>
<string xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/2003/10/Serialization/Arrays">http://example.com/url2</string>

XML response sample:

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Length: 0

Submit html content to Bing when your page changes.

To participate in the Pilot for Content Submission API, please send a request in Bing Webmaster Tools Support:

See how our partners are benefitting from these APIs​

LinkedIn now uses the URL submission API to notify Bing about updates to profiles and job postings. This cuts the search index update time at Bing from weeks to minutes. As a result, we see a significant increase in traffic to LinkedIn from Bing.

We also improved BingBot crawl efficiency, saving processing costs for both companies and reducing our respective carbon emissions.

David Schacter,
Sr. Staff Engineer at LinkedIn

Having over 1.5bn listings represents a huge challenge and customer opportunity to keep indexes up to date for both eBay & Bing. eBay uses the Bing URL submission API to notify Bing whenever important new pages are created or updated.

Helping Bing search users find the most relevant eBay products has been one of the key goals for eBay, and the URL submission API integration helps us achieve that seamlessly.

Chris Reynolds,​
Head of Technical SEO at eBay​

Love2Dev.com was one of the early adopters of Bing’s URL Submission API. I knew when I publish a new article I could see indexing and ranking in 30-45 minutes because that is just when I checked.

Last night I refreshed some old content on jQuery, even gave it a fresh URL slug. I checked 10 minutes later and there I was #2 for ‘jquery obsolete’ on Bing.com. "

Today I wrote an article on Chrome’s mixed content strategy. This time I checked a minute or so later and there I am, #2 again! ‘chrome mixed content’ This is sick guys. Even my wife was like’ WOW!

Chris Love,
Founder, love2dev.com

Bing’s new API URL Submission API has been a godsend for Bizapedia.com as it has enabled us to submit in real time new company profiles, reviews, and questions the moment they are added to our system.
Additionally, as we average over 200,000 new company profiles weekly, the increased quota granted to our site has enabled us to submit our new pages to Bing without any delay. Integrating the complete API into our custom built management system was actually quite simple.
Essentially, everything you see in Bing Webmasters Tools is exposed in the API. At this point, we rarely even have to open the Bing Webmasters portal as the API has allowed us to automate everything from submitting urls, disavowing bad links, and monitoring crawl errors.

Bizapedia.com ​​
Bizapedia, LLC ​​

Documentation and resources

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Today we are releasing the Adaptive URL submission feature allowing you to submit up to 10,000 URLs per day, with no monthly quotas. This is a significant increase in the number of URLs webmaster can submit to have their content crawled and indexed.

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Easy set-up guide for Bing’s Adaptive URL submission API

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Frequently asked questions

API key can be generated via Bing Webmaster Tools portals for users who have their site verified. Refer this blog for more details.

URL submission API provides 99.9 percent service-level availability

Submit URL quota is set based on multiple parameters and is revised time to time.

If your quota has reached 10,000 URLs/ day, then you can raise service ticket via Bing Webmaster Tools support to increase the quota.

Yes, you can submit 404 pages to notify Bing about dead links. However, these URL’s will be counted against your quota limit.

Bing can choose not to select specific URLs if it does not meet its selection criterion

Yes, if you want Bing to discover content as soon as it’s changed then you should use URL submission API

Yes, you can submit redirect, e.g. 301 redirect, 302 redirect, html with meta refresh tag, etc. and submit dead link ULRs (e.g. http 404, http 410) to inform Bing that these URLs are now dead links.

Content Submission API allows websites to submit the content directly to Bing. This will help in lesser Bingbot crawl activities on your site to fetch content on your site. Empowers webmasters to submit different types of content.

Content Submission API is released on pilot basis. If you think your site is ready to use this API then you can request to be part of pilot by submitting request via - Bing Webmaster Tools support.Team will review the request and onboard your site to the pilot.

Definitively not, this API is complimentary to all existing SEO technique. Please continue having a sitemaps and RSS feeds register in Bing Webmaster tools to insure all your relevant URLs are discovered helping to us to resume crawling if your system is not able to publish content

Yes, you can submit images, just use base64 encode the whole http message stream you construct. Do not use base64 encode separately on images.

Yes, you can submit content disallowed by robots.txt. Please note that in case, we may leverage and index this content and will not honor robots.txt disallow rule.

However for content with NOINDEX, we will use it and will honor NOINDEX directive.

At this point, we will accept up to 10MB payload http uncompressed per submission. API supports http Gzip compression.

We see mistake every day on many web sites. If you have done on mistake on your site and/or submitting the wrong content, then, fix your site and submit the URL using URL submission or send the fixed content again using Content Submission API.

Bing does not guaranty that all the content submitted will be indexed. Bing will rank and process all Content submitted and index the most relevant and appropriate content.


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